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Tiny blisters on knuckles!


I take 125mcg thyroxine daily, and feel well almost all of the time, However, on the occasional days when i don't, I have noticed I get tiny kind of 'blisters' on my knuckles, mostly on my right hand. When i peel them off, there is nothing inside, just skin! They don't or itch or cause me any irritation of any kind. Does anyone else have these symptoms, or is it just me?

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I'm sorry you haven't had a reply yet - I hope someone will see this on the newsfeed and help.

Jane :D

I suffer from hives when i am particularly run down but they itch like crazy and are an indication of protein in my urine. Not sure if yours are also kidney related but may be worth requesting a dip stick test when you are next at the surgery

Might be eczema. That's what I think I have. I get clusters of tiny (pinprick-size) blisters on my hands; when they've gone, the skin is rough and sometimes reddened. Eczema is sometimes associated with hypothyroidism; it's believed to be an allergic or perhaps autoimmune condition. If it itches (which it sometimes does), I use a cortisone or salicylic acid cream, otherwise just shea butter.

i have similar but on my feet pompolyx its extremely itchy, it only started after i had partial thyroidectomy in feb .i have been having nothing but trouble since from ibs,constant nausea now have several lymph node up in my neck,not sleeping.doctor is no help lost all faith in them. i take antihistmines and and vinegar water soaks for the blisters. x

Dermatitis herpetiformis can be misdiagnosed as various kinds of blistery eczema too. Has that been eliminated?

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