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Metabolic Effects of Liothyronine Therapy in Hypothyroidism: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Crossover Trial of Liothyronine Versus Levothyroxin


This is another study that I missed from 2011, I am finding it impossible to catch them all. This is in line with Prof. Wiersinga's comments. I'll have to cross check and see if it is one he mentioned. PR

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Thanks, that looks interesting particularly as my weight is increasing on T3. Will have a proper read later.


I couldn't access the page.

PR4NOW in reply to shaws

shaws, I just tried the link and didn't have any problems so I'm not sure why you are. I'd give it a few hours and try tomorrow. PR

I read it. It says,on T3 you can lose weight and lower cholesterol. It does not have an adverse affect on the heart. Did I read that right,hope so. I shall print it off and give it to my endo.x

PR4NOW in reply to beaton

beaton, yes, T3 is an effective modality although don't expect doctors to believe it. The wheels of medical science grind ever so slowly. PR

thank you PR4NOW x

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