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Not too sure what's gone wrong? Can a stomach bug affect Iron levels?

This time last week I had had my normal three monthly B12 injection 2 weeks before and felt fine - even cycling each day. Family get together then bang - down with a stomach bug Sunday (no vomiting though) and spent the day in bed shivering etc. The rest of the family had it and recovered in 1 to 2 days but here we are, 5 days later and I have no energy at all, still feel queasy and I appear to have symptoms of iron deficiency - heart thumps, no energy at all, aching muscles (especially in my thighs) - I just had a shower and almost felt as though I couldn't raise my hands above my head to wash my hair as zero energy?? I have arranged a blood test for this afternoon but wondered if anyone else had exprienced this reaction to a bug? Maybe those of us with Hashi's are more vulnerable to effects from stomach bugs - I wondered if I would benefit from a Bio yoghurt as I still feel really iffy after eating and have no appetite anyway.

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I also felt I had a tummy bug last week. No vomiting but felt nauseous, no appetite, shivery and went to the loo more than usually. I now feel really shattered as though I am taking ages getting over it.

Members on the forum often say that if we are hypo. this can happen, we do not shake off bugs and viruses like we did before we started with thyroid problems.

Sorry can't be of anymore help but hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes browny


Thank you for your best wishes and I do feel better today so presumably it was simply that it takes longer to recover. I finally want to eat again as opposed to eating because I must and I have more energy. In future I will be kinder to myself when ill. Hope you improve soon as well.


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