Big day tomorrow

Well it's the big day tomorrow at guys hospital for my biopsy on my neck right side, was not feeling that good this morning,

My arm has been hurting worse, my sister said if you got a problem in your neck it's going to affect your arm which is also on the right side, hopefully I will find out what is wrong with me, has anyone else have had the same symptoms as me ;( ?

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Hope all goes well for you lovejoy. Nezzykins x

Thank you sweetie

Maybe I will find out tomorrow x

Wishing you all the best tomorrow, are you having an FNA? don't be surprised if results are inconclusive (often they can't get a whole cell) and the majority of lumps are benign anyway - but essential to get it checked out.

I didn't really click that I could feel a lump when swallowing 'til it had gone!

PS my 2nd frozen shoulder disappeared after my partial op - pain radiated down from bicep to wrist, couldn't even put my coat/blouse on myself. J x

Thank you for your reply sweetie that information is keeping me calm xx I will update you on my return xxxx

Good luck, will be thinking of you x

Thank u sweetie xx

good luck for today[weds] , hope all goes well and look forward to your good news to come .....alan xx

Thank you Alan today is today xx update all later xx

Hope things go well and it can be easily sorted x

Sorry, just saw this, good luck, hope all goes well.x

Hope its all sorted now Lovejoy xxxx

A big thank you first to all who is supporting me x

Well got to guys yesterday did not have a biopsy in the end I had a Camara down the back of my throat he felt my neck and was not to worried, he reasons at this point they are cysts on the thyroid 4 in 10 women gets this but to make sure even the fact I have had a scan he wants to do another just to confirm

His findings but if it is cancer it's treatable and curable

The arm pain does not fit into the cysts on thyroid some life changes needs to be made regarding my work and home life

In other words stress.... So another scan in two to three weeks

And again to see doctor to find out the outcome xxx will update you guys later

Hugsssssss to all xxxxxxxxx

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