Levothyroxine Monotherapy Cannot

Guarantee Euthyroidism in All Athyreotic Patients

I hope I am not repeating if someone has already posted this. I did a search by author and title and could not find anything except a mention of the study a year ago. It is a free article. More info that T4 monotherapy does not work for all and that it affects the normal T4/T3 ratio. PR


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  • I'm an athyreotic patient - it doesn't work for me. I'd better not say any more in case I get my head bitten off.

    Great post, PR!

  • This article is a follow on from the work done by Colin Dayan and should be put under GPs and Endos noses

  • Thanks for posting, PR.

    I'm athyreotic too, suffered horribly on T4 monotherapy and doing much better on T4+T3 combi. Quite annoyed that the study was published 2011 and still my low FT4 and below range FT3 were simply ignored for 18 months :x

  • An interesting article and quite easy to read too!

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