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Initially on going underactive at my worst managed to keep weight gain minimal now it's piling on:(

I was losing weight after my hysterectomy and radioactive iodide and even though it stopped I managed in beginning to contain it, but now I eat less and seem to gain overnight. I'm sure I am full if fluid in hands, legs etc my jeans etc went too small overnight. Can anybody recommended good diets for thyroid patients. I was doing slimming world but unsure now that is suitable. The condition is bad enough but my own child didn't recognize a photo of me recently as gain and bloated face

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If you haven't had a recent thyroid gland blood test ask for one to be done. Have the earliest possible one and don't take your meds until afterwards. Puffiness can be a sign of undermedication. Post your results, with the ranges, on a new question and members will comment.


Thank you, going to do Monday x


Having T3 medication added helped me to lose weight slowly as did eating Paelo. If I do normal commercial diets I put on weight!.


I'm seeing endocrinologist after big delay and will ask as not responding well to levo alone going to increase 2 weekly now after poor start to treatment x


Are you on levo? I was bloated like crazy on levo alone, even when all the tests looked good (v low tsh, t4 and t3 high in the ranges etc). With the addition of a small amount of t3 - 10mcg - it dropped off.


Thank you, this has been consistent answer and I doubt gp will do it but seeing endocrinologist soon so will ask, thank you x

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