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Been for a full head MRI privately today

Due to worsening TED, i was referred for MRI on my eyes by ophthalmologist at NHS Hospital but somehow ended up with full head scan which had been changed by ????? Seeing Ophthalmologist at 11.40 Paid the the £300 for MRI due to 7 month waiting list on NHS. I am seriously thining about taing out private medical insurance due to past NHS " slip ups", but as I now have many health problems, im wondering if i could get insured. Anyone know approx monthly costs for a 60 yr old who now has ongoing probs due to autoimmune thyroid disease ( Graves and GED) ? thanks x

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no, but interested to see any replies. I looked at a few before but none that were affordable for me, that would accept me with an ongoing illness. seemed they only wanted healthy people.


That is such a lot of money isn't it! Hopefully it will be a real help for you and will be worth it.

I no longer have health insurance. I told them what to do with it in a fit of pique when they refused to even let me see a dental consultant - they said they don't pay up for teeth problems involving roots.

Obviously the person I spoke to had some kind of wonder vision that could tell my facial pain was caused by roots without even seeing me. What got me was that my husband and I had paid out for over ten years and never claimed once.

I had HSA cover for a while too (it pays a percentage of whatever your costs are) for a while which was ok but eventually they put the premiums up to a point where it was cheaper to just pay. I think if you go with an ongoing medical problem they either won't take you or it will cost so much it isn't worth it.


you will not be able to get cover for existing conditions with private health cover and they all exclude chronic conditions beyond intiial diagnosis and stabilisation


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