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Have just come back from GPs where I was told that they have been instructed by a higher authority to try and get patients to go private. GP would not say who and that she was not into politics when I asked if it was an instruction from Jeremy Hunt. She did say she would prescribe other medication if I found out what was available. As far as I am aware only the three troublesome Levothyroxine tablets are available in our area, as have asked this question before. I told her I could buy my medication over the internet, but could not for my son, so how guilty did she think that would make me feel! I hope she can't sleep tonight! I did say that we would not need doctors at all if we were pushed down the private road, so maybe she will think on this. Left the surgery with another prescription for Lansoprazole as a short term measure and am about to order online, but feel so guilty that I can't do this for my special needs son. They are sadistic! Janet.

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  • Hi

    Sorry I feel for you and your son.

    Did she just mean thyroid patients are to go down the private route?

    Well if all the NHS endos are like the one I saw today it maybe is better going down the private route. Unfortunately some people cannot afford to go private or to purchase their own medication so how will they manage, I feel for them.

  • Hi browny, think she just meant thyroid patients, but others beware! This is the slippery slope. Have had a referral since early February, which is now being chased up, but as my son already sees him regularly I don't hold out much hope of a good or useful outcome. Have just purchased online, but feel so bad about to being able to do the same for my son. Still, maybe with all the help and guidance from people on this site I will find a way round this. Janet.

  • I hope you find some way round it Janet.

    Best of Luck browny

  • Janet,

    These links may be helpful in persuading your GP to prescribe NDT. Liothyronine (T3) is licensed in UK so no problem in prescribing that, if she is willing.

  • Thanks Clutter, these links will be most useful and she did say she was willing.... Only trouble is my son and I were both good on Eltroxin and this was by far the easiest medication to take. Janet.

  • PM Moggie. I think she takes Aliud a pure form of Levo and sources it from Germany.

  • I think it's awful your GP saying she'd been instructed to get patients to go private! I can't see why she would have said it if it wasn't true, so it's the sort of things the papers should investigate even if it did just refer to T3 or NDT - because that means doctors do accept that they work.

    I have to ask why you can't buy over the internet for your son too? Is it a case of someone else monitoring him who would query it and disagree with you, or is it the ruling that you can only import meds for your own use?

  • Hi Framboise, I cannot buy over the internet for my son because someone else is administering the medication and if anything goes wrong they could be sued. I think the same conditions still apply even if he were still at home. My son even has to have supplements and pain relief medication prescribed by a GP or Consultant, so imagine the problem with that. Had I known al this before my son went into care I would not have gone ahead with it. They really don't tell you the truth before things are too late. Another Social Service failing. Janet.

  • Oh I hadn't realised this, what a very difficult situation for you to be in, I'm so sorry. I self-treat due to GPs who don't even believe I'm hypo, but if your GP is willing to consider other forms of thyroid hormone then I hope she's convinced by the literature on T3 and NDT mentioned above, or the purified thyroxin, for you both.

    Best of luck!

  • They do not care if you buy online, they are just pleased to be shot of you.

    It is against NHS policy to encourage you to go private - this is written somewhere in the meaningless NHS blurb about values, etc. Suggest you report it promptly, but one is accountable so there is no one to report to!

    I have already proved this categorically, PCT says not accountable, GMC is a defence union for doctors and Ombudsman is a waste of space.

    Best is to report it to your MP.

  • Exactly. I fully agree with you Bluedaffodil. It always works in their favour and meanwhile they are slowly killing us with their cheap and nasty drugs. Have already complained to PALS and PCT (as it was then) to no avail, so will not waste my time on any more of them and am thinking of something else. Janet.

  • Did you ask why doctors were doing as they were told rather than helping people?

  • Yes, but don't enjoy hitting my head up against a brick-wall - it is sore enough with the medication I have been given in recent years. Think the medical profession (?) should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for taking their salary and doing nothing but harm in the process. Janet.

  • I'm shocked at this! Definitely needs reporting although not sure to whom. The suggestion of your MP is a good one.

    Assuming that she's doing nothing in fighting for her patients health? Remind me, how much are GPs being paid???

  • Hi Cinnamon, I'm in despair over our NHS treatment and apart from a few private doctors (few and far between) where do we turn. Have been thinking about seeing our MP, especially as she is very good on local matters. GPs are being paid much more than their worth these days and how can they call themselves 'healers' when most seem to be doing the opposite by prescribing medication not fit for purpose. Janet.

  • Surely this is illegal! I think it should be reported. We have paid for the NHS, with our taxes, for decades, and for me it is an institution I would fight for. I know there are lots of unpleasant and unhelpful medics (of various types) out there, but on the whole the NHS is a wonderful idea - until politicians mess it up. While I've felt pressured and gone private twice, I now refuse to, having become more, and more political in the last few years. I would write to your MP too - in fact, I might write to mine anyway. If GP insists on you taking the the private route, can you get her to sign something to that effect, so there is proof? Just asking might make her / them relent. Someone on here got their GP or Endo to back down over something, by insisting they had to agree to it formally ... sorry can't find - or remember - exact details. Aaagghhh!

  • I'm sure it is illegal and they are just protecting their own budgets. Feel exactly like you about the NHS and as somebody else on another thread said 'bet Anaurin Bevan is turning in his grave at what is going on, It was meant to treat the people of this country, but we have had so many incomers from other countries that it is now not fit for the original purpose. While I hate to think of people suffering, we can't treat the whole World. GP will not insist I go private, but at the same time will not do much about it. Have just ordered from the internet and if these meds suit me I can possibly get them on a named basis for my son, so will try and go this way with GP -all in writing, of course. Don't think they like things in black and white. I do though. Vaguely remember about the GP and Endo backing down case too. Thanks for your words of support. Allwelcome in this Thyroid World of ours. Janet.

  • Unfortunately as far as I can see there is no recourse!! Doctors can say they work to the BTA or RCP guidelines and they can get away with it! I wrote to my MP and guess who he consulted? Yeah you guessed right, the BTA!!

  • Hi Glynisrose, Now you've said about the BTA and RCP, I could ask my MP not to even consider asking their advice and will tell her in advance not to waste her time or mine, but think she won't get an honest answer from any one higher up the Gravy Train. Sorry to sound so pessimistic about our 'honourable' leaders. Janet.

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