We all love good news!

Those of you with patience and persistence will know that when I first posted, my endo had taken me off T3, and the symptoms I'd put down to recovering from a stroke were in fact hypo. I 'd decided to go back to taking T3 despite endo hostility. I posted to say my GP had backed me on this...At the time of deciding, I'd written to my other endo (who looks after my growth hormone prescriptions) to inform him.

Joy follows - this morning I received a letter from him saying my decision was "perfectly reasonable" Even better is the fact that he is taking over all my endocrine issues;though it means a 70 mile round trip to see him,it's going to be worth it. Luck goes with me again! I seem to have the country's most open-minded health professionals - TGFT. There are lights down some tunnels.

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That's great! Really pleased for you :-)

Yes it is great to hear good news. Pleased for you. Perseverance pays off.

Another glass being raised for you...:-))

Good to hear that there are some good endos and GPs. The journey is a pain but better to travel to a good guy than nip around the corner to a knobhead.

Worth the round trip to see someone decent and who you have confidence in. Glad to hear your news is good news :-)

Congratulations and good luck to you mumcat2

:-) :-)

That's brilliant news!

Well done!

Pleased for you mumcat. It is good to know that these enlightened GPs and Endos are beginning to surface. I would travel a long way to find them. Janet.

Well done!

All the best to you!!!!!

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