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Levothyroxine by Almus

Has anyone tried this Levothyroxine made by Almus. I received it today as I am wanting to try a different brand due to the fact that I had been taking Mercury Pharma for the last 6 months and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Befor that I had actavis and had no probs, but have started T3 also and Vit D, but had this bitter taste before starting those. Hope it goes away, I know some on this site have said they have it aswell.

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I take Almus and find it ok my pharmacist said Almus and Actavis are exactly the same,made by same company.


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Information about ALL UK levothyroxine tablets and many other thyroid medicines is available here:

For levothyroxine, Almus is simply an own-brand packaging of the Actavis product.

Other than the 25mcg Wockhardt product, there are only two available, licensed levothyroxine makes in the UK.


Many thanks

Its the brand that seems to be handed out in Glasgow (its the brand that I get regardless of which chemist I hand my script into).

It doesnt taste like anything to me to be honest, but I dont really hang about before swallowing it.

Just remembered that I've also had 25mg doses from Goldshield and took both brands at the same time to make up 125mg. Neither taste of anything but maybe thats just me.

Almus and Actavis same tablet.

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