Relapse and a cold?

Hi all

I was doing ok, better, up till last weekend when I came down with a bad cold. I took all week off work but as I lie here now I'm still not right! Still a bit bunged up and fatigued. Has anyone else had this type of cold this year and did it set them back into a relapse? You know what it's like when you're ill like we are: you get paranoid you're not going to recover.....


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  • I sympathise, it's miserable isn't it, any cold is rotten but when you have other issues too - somehow it's worse. My poor husband has had three colds one after the other so he's been under the weather for over two months. However, I am the one who is Hypothyroid, he has not got any health issues, and I have only had one cold to his three so maybe there is something in taking all these supplements (B12, Vit D, Selenium etc.) that helps. Hope you feel loads better soon x

  • Thanks loobs, yes I was sure my supplement regime was helping me and after not having a cold for ages I thought it, wouldn't get me lol but it has. I'm just over concerned it's not sending me into an extended relapse :0( x

  • I've had the nasty thing all week and have felt really poorly. Stupidly crawled into work as worried about taking more time off. Eventually raised T3 dose yesterday and I feel fine now. There's a particularly nasty cold virus going round, badly affects lungs and breathing. Hope you're soon better

  • Hi

    Yeah I've been very blocked up with snot and obviously a bit achy, coughing, tired. It's 8 days now! I'm feeling low today! I've said I'll go back to work tomorrow as we'll :0/ is this normal to feel like this after eight days?! Even my legs are aching again and I thought I'd got rid of that symptom....


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