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If you're cold all the time, what could it be?

- A cold or maybe a virus? - could be, but not all the time.

- Are you in jumpers/gilet and the rest of family in T-shirts?

- You could take your basal temperature ('at rest' first thing when waking) is it usually a few degrees below 'normal'? (37.0 °C or 98.6 °F). (unless you're female at certain times of month) If you've had alcohol that test doesn't count. (oops!)

- Do you have a big heating bill? - arghhh £650 Gas for 3 months! strangle daughter.

- Do you come home with blue fingers and do the washing up just to feel your hands?

- Does your 88 year old mother jump when you touch her, her hands are warmer!

- Is there something wrong with your gloves, and you want better ones that work?

What happens when you're cold?

- You may be hibernating and saving energy. Tortoises live longer than rabbits after all!

- Your cells may not be making enough energy! (heat)

- You hubby says you are an icecube. (despite your sexy winceyette PJs avec cute piggies)

- You may have bad circulation, skin problems & more?

- You may not be able to manufacture red blood cells in bones (doesn't happen without warmth) and leads to anaemia.

Been reading Dr Broda Barnes and basal body temperature test for HypoT. (1976 pre-TSH) makes sense 'tho? but as he says, docs don't make much of a simple temperature test. And now history says he's alternative! Just wondering if anyone feels the same??

Jane :D

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Jane, there are still many that find the basal temp test an accurate indicator of what your metabolism is doing. One problem is that it is non specific, starvation, low pituitary, low adrenal all can affect metabolism and thus temp. Starvation is fairly easy to rule out if the doctor actually looks at the patient, pituitary is still rare to come across although becoming more common than it used to be, and adrenal is much more common over the last forty years. And of course nobody makes any money except the thermometer maker. I found it a more accurate indicator than any blood test I've ever had. Dr. Barnes is still a good read and he is still a man ahead of his time in his understanding of thyroid problems. PR

PS He also did adrenal supplementation although he didn't write about it as much as his thyroid work. It is mentioned in the book.


Thanks PR I meant to reply before.

I'll put a link here about the basal temp test on TUK..


I am always very cold at about 4pm till 5 or 6 pm then I get warm again. extra jumpers, socks nothing helps, cold hands and freezing feet. morning Im warm.then later at about 10pm I can be cold again.

I have put it down to thyroxine beeing depleated.


Just part of hypothyroidism I suppose. Have learnt to live with it. Doctors take no notice of temperatures. I'm a joke in our house because I'm always so cold, and my gas bill is frightening.


I'm always in warm clothes - hubby in t-shirt, me in tights, long socks, jeans, long sleeved top, jumper AND a jacket. Oddly though, when I'm asleep, I'm like an oven! Generally, my temp is 36.5 ish, but I'm going to start monitoring it first thing in the morning, just to see what it does...


I have always been cold I don't ever remember feeling warm ( except in Africa ) .. my temperature has never been above 35 / 35.7 that's why Durban really agreed with me, even our winter temp were approx 17 deg.

I never complained about the heat and I miss the '' warm '' wind on my skin.

If it wasn't for the fact I could feel the sun actually burning my skin I would never have moved into the shade of the trees but that was ok because the winds were warm.

Have just e-mailed a friend to say that when I go and use a hotel pool this week ( too much pain for me to walk to the public pool but the bus stops right outside the hotel ) to do some physio for my painful legs and pelvis ? I am going to have 20 min on their sun bed while I'm there because right now I really need to feel some deep pentrating warmth .


I have only recently been diagnosed hypo and soooo many things are now clicking into place! In particular being cold! It is a long standing joke with friends that I take my fleece blanket with me wherever I go, wear joggers and jumper to bed and have the heating blasting so much the hubby has to sit there in a sweat!

Over the last few weeks I have been checking my temperature orally, both first thing in the morning and throughout the day and I am yet to see it go over 36degrees and it is daily under 35 degrees which is considered hypothermia!

No wonder my body is always craving food for energy and holding onto my fat suipplies!!!


*like* ;)


I have started taking my basal temperature in the mornings for a week so far and it ranges from 35.6 to 36.1! Wonder if when I have my endo appointment he will consider this? Also I am thinking this is the reason diets are not successfully removing the excess 10 stone. I am now taking 150mcg levothyroxine but symptoms persist.


All sounds familiar. My basal temp has been between 35 - 36.6 at the very warmest. Usually 35 ish. I also wear a fleece hooded nighty with socks and dressing gown (such a bed time teaser! lol!) When I threw that one at the GP as he told me I was starting 'the change' (trying to fob me off with HRT ;) ) I did ask if many women went through the change on 35C!!! and wearing my bedtime gear - he nearly fell of his chair!! lol.

Yes I also know not all get hot flushes and still go through it.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I just wanted to highlight one obvious thing us 'Hypos' have in common, and maybe some docs take notice of.

Nothing works well when you're permanently cold, except I do get the washing up done....

Now to find £650 quid for that gas bill.... anyone want to buy a stupid dog and some good Thyroid books for starters? lol! Jane :D


I'm always cold, never used to be , all this feeling crappy hypo is new to me, and I must say I feel like an emotional wreck because of it all, please tell me it will get better. Thank you for your post


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