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Would you like to sign the Saatchi Bill?

Have you heard of the Innovation Bill (otherwise known as the Saatchi Bill)?

Introduced by Lord Maurice Saatchi, the Medical Innovation Bill will help doctors innovate new treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases.

The Medical Innovation Bill will support doctors who want to innovate and find new ways of treating disease and will allow the patient to demand innovative treatment.

This Bill may well help you, especially if your doctor wants to prescribe a particular thyroid treatment but is afraid to or is being told not to by his superiors.


It might also be worth writing to your MP about your support for this Bill.

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Have signed this Shaws. Us poor Thyroid patients do not even want innovative treatment, just the chance to try other forms of treatment that have been used in the past and/or to go back to a good one that we have previously used. Janet.

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Precisely. I'd not be back on T3 if I did as my end told me - TGF a GP who trusts me,not numbers.

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