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On carbimazole, how long leave a sore throat b4 seeing dr?

Basically I've got the cold/ cough that lots of the people around me have got/ had. How long should I leave before pestering the Dr about? At a level that I would generally take ibrufen for, but then ignore as much as I could until it went away, however I'be been told by various health professionals about the importance of getting checked out if I have a sore throat.

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Hi I was told if I got a colf with the sore throat it was ok but if I got a sore throat for no apparent reason to get it checked out.Was also told if I got mouth ulcers to seek immediate medical help.However this is only what I was told and I am not medically trainef so any doubt seek medical advice


The Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) for AMCO Carbimazole says this:

Stop taking Carbimazole and see a doctor

straight away, if you notice any of the following

side effects:

• Any infection such as a sore throat or

mouth ulcers.

• Fever.

• Unusual bruising or bleeding.

• Feeling unusually tired.

Your doctor may need to do some tests to check

for something called ‘bone marrow depression’

before you start your treatment again.

My emphasis by underlining. I too am no health professional. It is sometimes suggested that the most worrying time is early on in treatment.

I suggest it is better safe than sorry and this is something that the medics are in a better position to consider and check/test than we patients here.



Hi Hesp,

I had virus after virus recently and eventually called my Gp who whipped me in within the hour for blood tests. I felt really stupid at this but the Gp said it was important to get checked out as carbimazole can lower your white blood cell count which really isn't good.

Hope you feel better soon x


I agree with the above, it is better to be checked out and find everything is OK than to leave it and become more ill. Carbimazole is a strong medication and although most people can take it without problems there are a few who have to have an alternative form of thyroid suppressor, Proplythiouracil.

Marie XX


get checked out, I had sore throat on carb and it was just that but got it looked at x


Yes get checked out. X


Thanks for all the advice. I rang the docs & I have an appointment & blood test booked for tomorrow.


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