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thyroid removed 5 weeks ago. hypo calceamic 4 times after op with low vitamin D. Now have headaches, tingling in legs. Is this normal?

I am on 100m Levothyroxin which I take in morning plus calcium & Vitamin D supplements until next blood test in 3 weeks. Last blood test calcium was 2.5.

I find it all very frightening. Any advice appreciated. Am I expecting too much too soon.

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Someone who has had similar to you will reply.

I would just mention that supplements should be taken 4 hours apart from levothyroxine, but you may be doing that already.


Tingling could be due to either low calcium or low vitD or both. Ask for your B12 to be tested too. If nitrous oxide was in the general anaesthetic this could mean that your B12 is depleted and can also cause tingling.

Headache could be low vitD or ridding your body of GA toxins. I do hope you'll feel better soon.


Thank you. I am taking 5 drops B12 sublingual on advice of my Homeopath, also B6 tablets. Haven't has B12 tested though. Will do. Vitamin D due to be tested in 3 weeks. I was on Sleeping tablets for 2 weeks while in hospital (Zopiclone) not realising what they do to you, & had to go cold turkey on them as getting side effects & then withdrawal symptoms. Wondered if it was still withdrawal symptoms. Also was on two lots of antibiotics for thrombo phlebitis and bladder infection so my body dealing with so much medication.


Forgot to say in my reply below, you have to stop supplementing B12 for 4-8 weeks for the test. If you prefer to continue supplementing there's no danger of ODing as excess will be excreted.


Hey there

Welcome to the throat cut club. Can I ask why you had a TT? Was it for Graves or Cancer? Did you have an endocrine surgeon rather than an ENT? What was the problem before you had surgery?

Your calcium levels should stabilise if your parathyroid glands were not damaged during the op. As there are four parathyroids it's unusual for someone to lose the entire function. You'll probably be on Vit D and calcium for a while but you will be able to come off.

I'm more concerned by the ridiculously small dose of levothyroxine you are on - as you have no thyroid your body needs a TOTAL REPLACEMENT dose to give you back what you can no longer make on your own.

However, in order for your thyroid meds to be able to work you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row so to speak - see: and

Assuming you've had a problem like Graves, then your body will have a) not been absorbing nutrients properly and then b) using them up too fast. You are probably anaemic and you need a full iron panel to include ferritin, TIBC,serum iron, saturation % - ferritin needs to be 100 or over and the rest need to be and remain in the top third of the reference range. Iron levels are CRUCIAL for thyroid meds to work properly. I can't stress this enough.

Electrolytes are very important for thyroidless people - you need to contact your doctor and hospital and ask for copies of ALL blood tests they have for you. They can't stop you, they are your tests. As you are going to have to manage this condition now for the rest of your life (please don't make the fatal mistake of expecting the NHS to do it for you!!) and you need to get into the habit of taking control, staying on top of your results and learning about them.

So electrolytes - you need to see where your sodium and potassium are in the range. They need to be in the top third also, maybe a bit higher and you might need to start taking some UNPROCESSED sea salt in water - quarter to two teaspoons a day depending on how low your sodium is (sodium is linked to aldosterone which is an adrenal hormone). You also need to take a good multi mineral with 99mg of potassium in it. Coconut water is rich in good sodium and potassium also but expensive as staying balanced is a daily thing....

You also need to check folate levels, B12, Vitamin D, calcium like you say, copper and zinc if you are lucky, it wouldn't hurt to check what your sex hormones are doing. Always get copies of your thyroid results and never take your meds on the morning of the blood draw, take them after, as they will skew the results. They should be testing your free T3 and your free T4 and NOT just your TSH to get you right on meds.

For now I'd be taking 5,000mcg B12 in drops or lozenges,

A good multi mineral containing zinc, copper, selenium and at least 99mg of potassium

A good B Complex

Fish oil - posh stuff like Nordic naturals or Green pasture

Unprocessed salt

Lots of good quality vitamin C to bowel tolerance

Vit D and calcium if you need them

Iron if you need it, which I'd pretty much guarantee you do

When you are thyroidless things sometimes don't seem to go the same way in the body - so herbs, other hormones like the pill or progesterone cream, etc can cascade wrongly and cause all kinds of problems. For now KEEP IT SIMPLE and don't take anything complicated or herbal ....just the bare minimum your body needs.

You need to check your cortisol levels - your endo will tell you are 'fine' so don't even bother asking them, but get a saliva cortisol test from genova through this site. Low cortisol and low iron are the bugbear of the thryoidless. Very, very, very important to get these right.

Most thyroidless people need a much bigger dose of thyroid than you are on, and most of us need at the very least some kind of T3 added to our T4 (levo) so you should discuss this with your doctor. Also you need to ensure you have a doctor who is NOT dosing you via the TSH but by your Free T4 and Free T3 which should be at the top of the range. He should be listening to symptoms and not looking at a computer screen saying, 'your levels are normal' .... run screaming from this kind of doctor!

Most thyroidless people do much better on natural dessicated thryoid meds -this gives you back everything your own thyroid gave you, T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin. I buy mine myself and DIY as I can't find a doctor to help me and post TT I felt like I was dying on Levo .... horrible. I had to learn to really look after myself as there was no way I could carry on the way I was and I wasn't getting any answers from my medics .

Being thyroidless is not the same as just being hypO and be wary of people telling you it is - it's a bit more of a juggling act and we have to always be mindful of our TT state. I'm part of the Yahoo Thyroidless group - I'd suggest joining there. And buy yourself a copy of the Stop the Thyroid Madness Book.

I hope I haven't overwhelmed you but from here on out, if you want to get better, you need to really take control of your own health. Being thyroidless is incredibly badly handled in the NHS - so you need to be on your toes and definitely stay out of the clutches of your GP for all but the most routine stuff ..... endo's don't know very much but GPs know bugger all!

Best of luck



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Thank you Rebecca, that's a mine of info!

My thyroid was removed due to 2 large benign nodules found by accident a year ago after a CT scan following gallbladder removal. The nodules were growing downwards and around my vocal chords. As I am an International Speaker, I had the op as soon as I could as I could not afford to lose my voice. I am age 67.

The tests before the op showed low levels of calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D was 18. Basically they should not have operated without giving me supplements before the op.

haemoglobbin has always been steady at 13.5 for last few years.

I think problem comes from years on low fat diet due to gallstones and also I do not sit in the sun as I am wrong colouring. Very fair. Last calcium test was 2.5. I did have low levels of magnesium & potassium, was given meds in hospital and now told levels are normal.

I do realise that this whole situation is more complicated that I first thought. We are told nothing.

I am taking 5 drops B12 sublingual daily on advice of my homeopathic Dr plus tablet for B6. I am due for blood test at hospital on March 27th before seeing consultant, an ENT surgeon, on April 4th. That will be first full review of everything. Parathyroids went into shock following op, I was left with 3/4. They were not working.

Test will look at T3 T4 Parathyroid function ect.

In hospital they give you all meds at same time, I was aware this was not good for me so asked for some early, that caused major disruption!

So now I am splitting up taking my meds.

I also take 5 mg Amlodipine for high BP, 20mg Omeprazole for Reflux.

I think the reflux med causes problems too.

I will join everything you suggested, and will take control of this myself.

The hospital already think I am hyper vigilant about my health but I can see from your comments that I need to be!

Thanks again



I don't agree that 100mcg Levothyroxine is necessarily too little. I was over replaced with 200mcg after TT for thyroid cancer and it made me very ill for 18 months. My sister had RAI for Graves and is happy on 100mcg Levothyroxine. I now take 100mcg plus 20mcg T3 (Liothyronine). The T3 calms the palpitations and other adverse symptoms T4 caused.

I take Solgar B6. 100mg contains almost 9000% RDA and warns that long term use can cause tingling so I take it on alternate days.

Omeprazole can cause low acid which prevents proper absorption of nutrients and medicines and doctors have been advised to reduce dose and wean patients off. Try taking apple cider vinegar in fruit juice before meals. If you have heartburn add 1/4 to1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda.

I hate that hospitals describe patients who don't blindly swallow every treatment prescribed as hyper vigilant. We are our experts on our own body and generally know when something is not right and have every reason to be concerned when we are unsure about treatment and medication.


Agree with Clutter, i have no thyroid and was overmedicated on 150mcg for several years, now doing very well on 100mcg. We don't all need huge doses.


When you say overmedicated do you mean you had symptoms, or your results were over the top of the range? And how do you define doing well?




Both. I don't have any hypo symptoms, i work full time and am on the go all day every day, so it works for me. My sister is also thyroidless and has a busier life than me, she is on 125mcg.


wow have to say you are the first person I've met that T4 only post TT works ... which is great. Alas a shame it doesn't happen more often - I haven't worked since 2011 and have to really pace myself even now or I'm down for days with exhaustion. I know lots of other TT people on the deck also.

So you have no weight gain, tiredness, hair loss, anaemia, blood pressure or cholesterol issues? No vitamin deficiencies? Nothing at all?




Never gained any weight, i have fatigue and am VitD deficient. BUT that is due to hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia which is a seperate issue.


Wowzers. I think fatigue and low Vit D can also be a hypO symptom too as I get low vit D and have no parathyroid issues .... x


Yes but I do have parathyroid issues and will be having surgery shortly.


I was fine on 150mcg T4 for 25 years after TT - it didn't start to fall apart until I was prescribed Roaccutane ( by a dermatologist who's since been struck off ). I can trace the start of my conversion problems back to then.


Hi Mick, yeah I hear that's how it goes, people on T4 only eventually run into trouble it seems - at least that's what I read a lot, I guess not everyone does. Glad the doc was struck off - is that an acne medication? I wonder if the TT messed up your sex hormones, it messed up mine (and then supplementing progesterone further messed them up, I ended up with lower prog than I started, and massive amounts of oestrogen and cortisol and virtually no testosterone, proving my point about the wonky hormone cascade post TT). Weirdly I had terrible acne pre TT and now my skin is good, and positively glowing on NDT (I looked like a corpse on levo). What do you take now? Are you well again? x


Yeah, adult acne - the treatment was hideous but it worked. A lot of teenage suicides from it, apparently. As the T4 conversion was impaired, I spent 10 years presenting symptoms which my GP treated independently - fibromyalgia, depression, low sex drive, weight gain, eczema, COPD, high cholesterol and BP and memory/concentration problems. Didn't do a lot for my career! Ended up filling 7 different scripts each month. When I'd finally reached the end of my tether I changed Endo and demanded T3, which I'm now on - 70mcg. That's all I take - the symptoms have pretty much disappeared. 10 years of feeling like warmed-over cr*p finally over. I'd still like to try NDT, though, as I'm not convinced T3 alone covers the whole spectrum a thyroid gland would provide, and the quality of Mercurypharma T3 is so variable (plus they're shafting the NHS with the price). Well you did ask!


Blimey your trauma list is as bad as mine. Most people whistle when I recount the whole sorry tale and mine was immediate from the op, felt like I was dying. Awful, hideous, terrifying. I've learnt to be my own best friend and not just give my power away to a doctor. The thyroidless gang on yahoo think that T3 only is a bit hard on the body of a thyroidless person as there's nothing to pull out of storage if you need it. I couldn't convert on levo and levo and T3 didn't work either, felt shocking and I agree, NHST3 is a rip off and unreliable. You'd probably feel great on NDT but I understand when you are relatively stable, it can be a bit scary to take a leap into the unknown. x


My over replacement meant that my TSH was undetectable. Dose was reduced in 25mcg increments but TSH was still only 0.03 on 100mcg. I stopped meds for a month to allow the system to clear and am recovering on current dose of 100mcg+25mcg T3.


Interesting, so your T4 and T3 were over the top of the range? I'm TSH suppressed for cancer and have Graves antibodies so never been dosed according to the TSH, only my frees. Both you and Hypohen take T3 though, I think TT people do better on a combo of both ... or so it seems. x


I don't take T3, Levo only


Sorry getting you two muddled up


No, my FT4 decreased and settled to low in range and FT3 dropped until was below range. That's when I started self medicating. Adding in T3 relieved brain fog but did nothing much else. Stopped T4 and continued with T3 on various doses for a couple of months and then thought stuff it and stopped all meds and went hypo for 4 weeks but felt better than I had since starting on T4. I determined to give myself 'holidays' if that is what it took to feel okish. I was pretty much suicidal at the time and possible recurrence in 3-5 years wasn't at the forefront of my worries. I just wanted to feel ok NOW.


I hear you, I felt dreadful on T4 only and T4 and T3 combo. Feeling good on NDT. So how were you OVER medicated if your levels were low? If you had Graves then TSH isn't a good indicator, suppressed TSH isn't anything to worry about I don't think. This is what I'm confused about, from what you are saying that's hypO not hyPER on levo isn't it. Do you mean you were T4 toxic (which is kinda like feeling hyper but being hypo) rather than hyper? Personally I cannot come off meds, I feel horrific. NDT seems to be my answer. x


I had spiralling Hashi's but didn't see GP until 10 months later when a lump presented overnight. I suspected Graves as we have a family history and symptoms, including 13kg weight loss, were typical. TFTs were normal apart from elevated antibodies.

FNA was inconclusive on large nodule compressing my windpipe. 6 months later hemilobectomy and histology was positive for Hurthle cell carcinoma. Completion thyroidectomy 3 months later (benign) and started on 3 x 20mcg T3 until RAI 2 months later. Then started on 200mcg T4 and downhill all the way.

If I hit another plateau I will certainly consider NDT. At the moment I feel better than in 4 years and I'm not prepared to possibly feel worse to potentially feel better by trying NDT just yet.


Hey there, I was on 175mcg T4 and 25mcg T3 and was four stone overweight, had terrible muscle weakness and could not think, move, climb a flight of stairs, remember anything. I was losing my hair, I couldnt digest food despite all the right things, chronically anaemic despite iron infusion, deficient in vits and minerals despite supplementation etc etc etc.

My bloods were also at the bottom of the reference range but 'normal'. I'm told its not uncommon for some patients to even take 800mcg of T4. I now take six grains of WP Thyroid which is 240 T4 and 54 T3.

In the scheme of things for a TT person, 100mcg is a tiny dose. Have you had a total resolution of your symptoms?

But I agree, we are all different.




I've lost weight on Levo, BMI 16 now. Gained 2.5kg when I stopped it but lost it again when I resumed. Was vitD and folate deficient which are corrected. I supplement B12, vitD, B1, B2, B6, vitC, magnesium and zinc.

Still exhausted but able to do more daily if I pace things. I think I need to build up my strength and stamina now.

Fibro, shortness of breath, COPD and most joint pains and muscle cramps stopped when I detoxed. Skin is still dry and peeling and flaking on my legs. Otherwise, the best I've felt since pre-diagnosis of hashi's and thyCa.


That's good and yes cleaning out the body helped me too. What detox did you do? But I feel great on natural thyroid and wouldn't switch back for love nor money. In particular I get loads of compliments on my skin and my beautician couldn't believe my age, which I was rather chuffed about as I was hyPER for years which can age you. I'm still on a low dose HC so hoping the weight loss will come when I can get off that. Lost 10lbs since switching to NDT though which is a flippin miracle! x


Detox was to stop ALL medication for 4 weeks. I resumed meds and introduced supplements to correct deficiencies, known and guessed, and it has helped immeasurably.

Endo was shocked but after an argument became supportive and prescribed T3. I would have preferred his support earlier when I was desperate but better late than never I suppose.


Yeah I've had a few humdingers with my endo also. I had every deficiency going - iron was the worst. And I was desperate, all I did was cry, not because I was depressed but because I felt so trapped. Endo - who is lovely, but a bit hamstringed by the NHS - said, sorry, a quarter of TT patients never recover and we don't know why. I said, that would suggest there's something up with the treatment, and he agreed but said, 'what do you expect me to do about it?' and that's when I went off piste. Sod that for a diagnosis. Synthetic T3 did nothing for me, Tiromel that I bought myself was a bit better I was still chronically constipated, fat, unhappy, weak, foggy, losing my hair etc. I had a £100k a year job before I got sick and I couldn't even read a book - forgot what I read as soon as I read it. It was like a living death, shuffling through life. NDT seems to be working for me. Just about to test sex hormones as they've been trashed as well but have a feeling that's all coming right too.

Best wishes



PS meant to say your situation really does sound like T4 toxicosis or RT3 or something. x


Yes, that's what I thought. Asked endo and was told NHS didn't test RT3. i was pretty sure that I had a toxic build up of T4 and certainly feel better for allowing it to clear.

Endo is a diabetes consultant so I didn't think I'd get much joy from him and I was right. The MDT are a good bunch but they really know zip about thyroid and lack of.

Poorly, shuffling, what-is-the-point-of-it-all me didn't get any help when she needed it. Spirited, argumentative, stuff-your-EBM-RCT-T3-is-working-for-me-and-I'll-get-myself-well did.

Galling that I've felt the need to raise my T4 from 75mcg I persuaded GP to prescribe in Jan to 100mcg that endo thought more appropriate though. :-D


Hi Clutter

I hope you pick up this message and can reply to me. I have not posted for some time as the situation has been quite dreadful & I do not know what to do. Today has been Black Friday and I am concerned with my well being long term.

Basically the problem has been several GP's at my Surgery giving conflicting information, no surprise there. Then they started to mess around with medications, my Condultant went crazy over the changes, he & my GP Surgery do not agree. One GP said he felt v sorry for me as I had received poor treatment from hospital. Because of confusion I was referred to Endo but this was cancelled by Consultant who has referred me to his Thyroid Endo but no app til September.

Today seen Consultant.

He has talked my situation through with Thyroid Endo. My symptoms are not due to low calcium which is in normal range 2.5.

I still have tingling in Hands & feet.

Consultant says he does not know or understand what is happening in my body.

It's 6 months since TT and he says he has never had a patient for so long in a his career!

My THS went from 32 down to 12.5 2 months ago. Last two results have been going up now at 21.5. This may be that I went for blood test before taking Levo the last 2 times. Other tests were in afternoon after meds. Is it normal to be so high at 21.5 so long after TT. FT4 is 16.1 and has been roughly same for last 4 months. T3 has not been tested.

I take all supplements you recommended.

But still tingling & pins n needles are there & I get very blippy days especially after a day or two of being busy with various things. I sedm to get a backlash from any exercise. I am now on 125 Levo. Also putting on weight & not sleeping. Parathyroid glands still not working properly. Level is 0.5. Did go as high as 1 but reverted. Should be at least 1.6.

Am I doing something wrong?

Your opinion would be appreciated.



Hi Valerie, I'm sorry you're still unwell after all this time. I think you are very undermedicated. There's no way your TSH should be so high and I don't understand why your consultant and the thyroid endo he consulted haven't raised your Levothyroxine dose.

Post the name of the thyroid endo you will be seeing and ask for comments to be sent via private messages. You can also contact TUK to ask if they have any information on him/her 01255 820407

(The office is generally, but not always, manned

from 10.00am to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday) or email to ask for her list of recommended endos.

As your doctors haven't checked your FT3, which I suspect will be low, you can order a private test from Blue Horizon or Genova via

I don't know whether your parathyroids will be contributing to your symptoms but you may find information in this link which Shaws posted yesterday.

Let us know how you get on Valerie.

ps thyroid meds should always be taken after blood tests otherwise the medication you ingested is measured rather than your normal serum level. Levothyroxine peaks 2-6 hours after ingestion and your TSH levels would have been considerable higher without the medication.


One of the best answers I've ever seen on this site, Rebecca. Bravo!



Thanks! Through bitter experience I've had to put it all together ...




Hey there

You're welcome and you are half way there with your can-do attitude. Hate to say it but my very, very good (German) endocrine surgeon said the problem with all these botched TTs is ENT surgeons rather than proper endo surgeons blundering in - sorry to hear about your poor stunned parathyroids. My endo has now left the NHS (due to the thyroid madness) but still has a private practice in London should you need a second opinion for anything surgical. You might need to ditch the ENT and find a good endo ...

And don't get me started on what they should have done - my endo was my third opinion and I was barely standing up by that point. I had Graves, Hashis, Hashitoxicosis, thyroid eye disease, thyroid cancer and I was deficient in every mineral, vitamin, and iron, my sex hormones were totally wrecked, my gut was wrecked - parasite infections, leaky gut, massive bacterial overgrowth blah blah. It's taken me two years post op painstakingly tackling it all to feel half human. Sorting iron, cortisol and switching to natural thyroid is bringing me back to life.

But if you travel to the States with your work then the Thyroidless Yahoo group will be able to recommend a good doctor there and you could always get some help there, and an rx for dessicated thyroid. But I do it myself with their help - it is legal and perfectly safe to buy your own bio-indentical hormones and import them. That's what I and countless others do. I'm doing well now, I felt like utter sh*te on levothyroxine and levo and T3 combo.

In answer to your post, the B12 is good but you need a B complex also not just B6. You could also do with extra B5 on top as it's good for adrenals.

And yes you MUST take your meds on an empty stomach with a big glass of water and wait at least an hour before you eat or drink anything. Calcium and iron must be taken at least 4 hours away. Take all your levo in one dose ....

Haemoglobin is not a sufficient measure of your iron status you need a full iron panel - this is essential and if your ENT won't do it you can buy your own, via Blue Horizon Medicals - they do a great 15 tests in one blood test, which includes thyroid (you'd have to get an extra T3 test on top), iron panel, vit D, B12, electrolytes, cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function, kidney function, inflammatory markers. You purchase the test, and then book the blood draw at your local Spire or Nuffield hospital, and you don't need a doctor to order them. You'd be all in for less than £200. Def worth keeping in your back pocket if the NHS doesn't cough up. Your iron MUST be optimal not just 'normal' by stingy UK standards. See here for the test

You'll prob need a maintenance dose of B12 and Vit D for ever - v important for thyroid function.

Omeprazole reduces stomach acid and yet most HYPO people (and I'm guessing you've been for a while and you'll def be now) reduces stomach acid. Weirdly the symptoms of LOW stomach acid are the same as HIGH stomach acid. You probably have low stomach acid and you need to stop the Omeprazole asap, that will be wrecking absorption of your meds and your nutrients. See here for stomach acid:

You might need to use Betaine HCL capsules and digestive enzymes at each meal. A good idea would be a good probiotic also - say Symprove or BioKult. Thyroid issues really mess up the gut which is where all your absorption goes on.

High BP is a symptom of LOW thyroid it's also connected to aldosterone, so we are back to salt again This will normalise as your levels come up and you probably won't need this drug. High cholesterol is also a hypO symptom so no statins ... this will normalise as your T3 levels come up. Ditto wonky blood sugar.

When I was discussing this with my endo I said it seems like they treat a TT like a tonsilectomy and yet it's more akin to brain surgery. He agreed, he even said they don't even really understand all the jobs the thyroid does, and they are bound to discover more hormones that it makes. It's a very big deal, so I'm all for being hypervigilant regarding our health!

Anyway, hope that helps,

Best wishes



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Thanks again Rebecca. I think it's going to take sometime to get my head around all this! The hospital are now reviewing their procedures due to my experience. I agree I felt grotty straight after the op, started about 15 hours after and then after 24 hours started my first hypo glycemic attack.

At the moment, my body temp is driving me mad, boiling hot one minute, freezing cold next. Weak legs and the on/off tingling in legs & head with occasional headaches. The lethargy is annoying too. All together I do find it frightening and fel very weepy about it.

I live near London, Harrow Middx so may use your man.

I have a pr I ate practice near me where I can go for blood gets without referral.

Did you have Candida? That is what once concerns me, sure I have it.

I've been out today & got a good multi vitamin with iron and vitamin C.

I am trying to reduce the Omeprazole just managing to get it down fom 40 to 20 daily and will next go to 15 then 10.

I'm going to take this slow and get it right for me as I am due to be working with and in India for next 6 years. I've just cancelled a trip at end of March as I can't cope with it.

I'm actually appalled but not surprised by all you say. I am going to get a copy of the book you recommend and read it first.

My blood tests for my thyroid have always been "normal" for last 3 years so they told me!

I hope I can sort myself out quickly as it will impinge on my life as a Judge & Soeaker for flower arranging. Also waiting for my voice to return to normal! It's 50% plus back but variable. It was fine after op but when bruising n swelling appeared it disappeared. Tests show everything is ok in that area, just a matter of time.

Hope you don't mind if I keep pestering you!

Valerie x


Perhaps this article might help your discussion with your endo re your voice, Valerie


Hi Valerie

I don't mind you pestering me at all, keep asking questions, that's how you'll learn and when you are tired and under the weather it takes a while for it all to sink in and stick.

In haste, yes I had candida and I used some natural stuff to help with it (a product by BioCare called Travel Guard and lots of probiotics, low sugar diet etc, there's loads on the web) and then I did a nystatin script for two weeks (it's an antifungal, I got a private script but you can buy it from Germany if nec) and then about six months after that I did two fluconazole treatments two weeks apart (that's an over the counter thrush tablet). But as your thyroid levels come up your temps will stabilise and if you take stomach acid supplements too then that should help - imagine a hot wash on a washing machine, your basal temperature is the hot water and the stomach acid is the washing powder. So as you get better you will make it harder for the candida to get a grip but it's very important to deal with this.

You might find it better to take your supplements separately rather than an all in one as they rarely have enough of everything in them. But it's a place to start. If you read Stop the Thyroid Madness book (and Dr Peatfield's book Your Thyroid and How to Keep It Healthy is a mine of info too, even though you've had a TT) you'll start to get your head around it.

It sounds like you have a very interesting job so fingers crossed you'll be bouncing back soon. Keep on with all your supplements and get copies of all your results so you can start putting it all together...

Best wishes




Thanks Rebecca. I am on lots of pro biotics so ok there. I know I have Candida, I did the early morning water test but thinking of getting a private blood test on this. My Dr won't do it. I will try for the private script. I have heard of this product before, from a friend with major allergy issues. My husband is off to Ryman's to buy a giant notice board so we can put everything on it, all the stuff you have said plus blood results, then we can check all my progress. My homeopathic Dr told me I would have trouble!

The problem as he sees it, is that hospital depts deal with one part of you only. They don't communicate and there is no one who looks at the complete picture. It's the same with my husband's prostate issues too. Unless he drives it forward and insists on tests, they are not bothered. Interestingly, since he's been on vit D, the results are improving.

In addition for me, I think I have always known my stomach issues were connected to something else and as I have had two lots of antibiotics in last 4 weeks, then the Candida has to be a huge part of it too. What about digestive enzymes? Will they help too?

Any ideas on sleep issues? My sleeping pattern is erratic, has been for a few years so has to be thyroid. Was told the two nodules, each the size of a small satsuma, had been growing slowly for years. If I could sleep better, I think I could cope better.

But I cannot go back to the sleeping tablets as the side effects & withdrawal symptoms are so similar to thyroid issues.

Any more thoughts appreciated.

Valerie x


When I was very hypo I had terrible headaches and tingling hands, feet and top of head. For me these were symptoms of under-medication (I had low fT3 and fT4), rather than vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I'm afraid I can only see a few replies (not sure why?) so am unsure if you have posted your latest blood test results? If not are you able to do this please? Thanks x


Clarebear thank you. I will get all my blood tests from Dr and post them. I only know calcium last week was 2.5 adjusted. (Vitamin D was 18 before op) Told everything else was "normal" ! I had low levels potassium and magnesium while in hospital & given supplements but stopped now. My T4 & T3 & Parathyroid levels not due to tested until 27th March.





My latest blood test from 18th March are as follows:

Serum Parathyroid hormone 0.7. Obviously parathyroids have not clicked in after op (I was left with 3/4 of them so the ENT team said)

Serum TSH 26.13. Very high & abnormal. What does this mean/indicate?

Serum Free T4 15.3

Calcium 2.96

Obviously too high. I was contacted by GP and told to stop calcium supplements straight away after being hypo calceamic 4 times after operation.

I felt really very well for last 10 days, then went down with bad cold/cough.

Now all symptoms have returned & concerned calcium going too low again.

I had a further blood test yesterday but waiting results.

Saw GP yesterday due to painful swelling in lower arm where I had previously had thrombo phlebitis while in hospital. GP said he didn't know what was going on and if it got worse to go to A & E. he did say that after blood test thrombo phlebitis may have come back. Should I go to A & E?

Just confused about what to do about anything. I have appointment with ENT Surgeon on 4th April. Shall I just wait until then?

Any advice appreciated.

Val x


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