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My daughter 17yrs with 'Hashi's' is about to start the Paleo Diet.... suggestions on thyroid med without starch, lactose, maize fillers?

My daughter is in constain pain in the tummy area. She is on 125 of Lovo which has starch, lactose, maize which are big no nos on this diet... can anyone out there suggest a thyroid med without these fillers IF there is any?

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Hi just started autoimmune paleo today so good luck. I dont think the Levo will matter for now. I would see if the diet changes symptoms first before changing the meds. Wish I knew what I do now at 17!


She is already on a g-free-d but she is going to start the AIP diet which is much more strict.

Many thanks


Hi day 1 was a challenge and definitely not enough roughage or calories. Hope your daughter is coping better.


I have a contact who phoned me a few days ago because she decided to try wheat/gluten free. At the end of the first day (gluten free cereal with rice milk for breakfast and gluten free sandwich for lunch) she rang me to say for the first time in years she didn't have stomach pains. She takes regular thyroxine, so try the diet and see if it helps. If your daughter improves but still has residual pains, that is the time to find a paleo alternative. I have a feeling you can get liquid thyroxine (but my brain could be making that up).


I am going to try the Paleo as I am hypo and have raised antibodies. Reading the Paleo solution by Robb Wolf. Males a lot of sense to me. Several family members wheat intolerant, me too, Dad has Crohn's another auto immune disease. My thyroid scan showed severe atrophy!


There are no UK tablets without some form of starch and lactose. shaws provided an excellent link.

You would have to identify and source (and pay for) a non-UK product. For example, the newly-returned-to-market Levoxyl contains:

Microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, calcium sulfate

dihydrate and sodium bicarbonate



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