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Not sure if last edit updated question but I'm being treated as hyperthyroid. Am I crazy, my labs are hypo?

LATEST (fri 28th feb)

T4 7 pmol/l


I've stopped taking my carbimizole but I was taking 2.5mg a day on fri when these were done. As you can see my TSH has gone from undetectable 0.05 to 7.3 and I'm on the same dose of carb! Seeing dr tomoz what should I say? Haven't heard from endo since first labs x

These were my last results (nov). my tsh has been 0.05 while on carbimizole for 15 months with no change.

TSH <0.05mIU/L RANGE 0.4-5.0 FREE T4 12pmol/L 9-19 FREE T3 6.1 pmol/L 2.6-5.7

Latest (jan)

TSH 0.3

T4 8

T3 4.5

Am I hypo now?

Please tell me my tsh rising means my antibodies are going? I've been taking supplements, yoga & a grain free diet in the months between these results x

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Yes you definitely went hypo, as you were only on 2.5mg I would say definitely time to stop and see what happens. I don't know what they do in this situation, do they give levo to help your levels recover? Maybe someone else has some experience of this?

H x


Thank you. I'm so confused what I should do. My endo hasn't been in touch since my last hyper results so as far as he's concerned I'm on 5mg daily of carb and I reduced it with my GP's knowledge. I'm still taking 10mg of propranolol just in case I go hyper. Left messages with endo's secretery but who knows what's next?!

Seems such a shame if my antibodies start rising again because I've been over medicated xx

Thanks for the reply I was wondering if I should ask for some replacement hormone or at least close monitoring to see if it comes up x



I think you are showing hypo now with your Tsh but your T4 has not changed and is too low in my opinion. You need to contact your endos asap and I would suggest bloods every 3 weeks via your GP untl you have been seen by endo.

I would not take the propanolol unless you are hyper or your endo says to do so.

I think more tests need to be done and as for antibodies dont worry abot them until you become eurythroid.

All the best.


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