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Hypothyroid in France

For some reason, I can't find my previous post. I am borderline hypothyroid (T4 & T3 at lowest point of "normal") & my GP refused to let me try T4. You all agreed I needed some T4 & T3. A kind person on here told me you can buy thyroxine over the counter in France, which I did successfully the first time. When I went to get some more, I was told I can't have it without a prescription (same chemist, different staff member), so I tried another chemist in a different town & was told the same - no prescription, no thyroxine. I would be grateful if someone could send me a private message telling me where to buy it on the internet. Thank you!

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Here you go.

For future reference just click on your name, in blue, by your picture and a new page opens with three heading - Activity, questions and posts - then you just click on which one you want.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie - it's easy when you know how!


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