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Does anyone know of a private Dr who treats adrenals and fibromyalgia who is Bupa registered in London?

Hi everyone

Louise kindly sent me the private practitioners list but I can't find anyone on there who treats adrenals and fibromyalgia who is Bupa registered in London. I'm paying a staggering £153 a month for Bupa because I'm too scared not to remain with them in case I really need it. (Without Bupa I would never have got a diagnosis of poor T4 to T3 conversion).

I have adrenal exhaustion as diagnosed by Dr Peatfield as well as fibromyalgia and T4 to T3 conversion problems. I've been under the care of a wonderful endocrinologist on Harley St who confirmed the T4 to T3 problem, however he doesn't have enough knowledge on adrenals to fully help me unfortunately.

If anyone knows of an understanding practitioner in London who is Bupa registered, I'd be really grateful if you can PM me their details.

Thank you and hoping!

Charlie x

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....think it's a bit of a lone journey with docs only know of the extremes....

The above websites should give you enough information. Perhaps you already know of this information. Also with the Low T3 you may find Paul Robinson's website useful He is a member of this forum. Click onto his name in Members on the purple bar and have a read. His books are good too. There are lots of useful blogs on his website detailing the experiences of others. From my understanding he mentions taking T3 as part of the Circadian Rhythm - 2 hours before waking and so on. T3 has a positive effect on the Adrenals. Low T3 has a great deal to answer for. How are your basics tests - B12 Ferritin Folate Iron VitD....I only mention these as they all need to be high in their ranges for a good conversion of T4 into T3.

I had the FM diagnosis in 2000 and Hashimotos in 2005 .....


Hi Marz

Thanks for your reply, I'll check those out. I know a bit about adrenals but not much really. Maybe I can work with my current Endo on it with his guidance as he's very good at listening to me and being open-minded. I don't know what my current levels of anything are, I've not had them checked in about 2 years, so I'll get those done.

I don't know if this has anything to do with anything but I'm allergic to cobalt and I only discovered the other week that it is basically what B12 is made up of - whenever I've taken it it's made me feel awful and this explains why!

Thank you again



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