47m NHS hospital records 1997-2010 sold to actuarial insurance company & ins premiums raised for under 50s. Who trusts Care.Data now?

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  • It doesn't surprise me in the slightest. The whole thing was corrupt from the beginning

  • What can you say! The assumption has always been that our medical records belong to us and confidential between doctor and yourself.

    How many of us know we have had medical conditions diagnosed that we never did have. Some people also cannot get better as GP has notes in the records to say they have/haven't a condition.

    To say it is scandalous is not even a strong enough word to use. It is so outrageous it leaves you speechless.

    Thanks for posting.

  • From the Telegraph article:

    "Last week Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information at NHS England, said it will be “a criminal offence” for any information entered into the new giant database, which will combine GP and hospital records, to be sold for insurance purposes."

    The Department of Health said: "The rules changed last year so this would no longer be allowed. Information like this can only be accessed now if there is a clear benefit to improving health or health systems."

    Please let's not get the new Care.Date scheme mixed-up with something that happened in the past.

  • I'm not confused. I am annoyed that NHS medical records were sold without consent to commercial companies.

    The same people are in charge of Care.Data uploading. They've been less than transparent about the whole thing, including the fact that commercial companies will be able to buy identifiable medical records.

    If the only access was to medical and pharmaceutical research I would not have opted out. What possible benefit can the sale of medical records to insurance cos be to the furtherance of medical research?

  • Glad I opted out, but it worries me that some insurance company may have my past hosp records and I don't suppose there is a lot I can do about it now is there?

    This type of behaviour is very underhand (that's putting it mildly) and will just reiterate what people have thought for ages about the NHS - they cant be trusted - not with your health care nor your private information.

    Thanks for posting.

    Moggie x

  • Unbelievable! I despair, I really do.

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