The Thyroid and Mental Health

Sean Croxton and Dr. Kelly Brogan are doing a live webinar, Thursday, May 1, at 10PM UK time.

I realize this is getting late for many of you but for those still awake it should be interesting.

If you register they will post a link for the replay and I will post here when available. This is the link. PR

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  • Thanks!

  • Sounds marvellous - thankyou!

  • This sounds very interesting. If I haven't dropped off by then I would be very interested in listening to it. Thanks :)

  • CarolynB, you might enjoy exploring her site.

  • Thanks for the link. I shall have a look once all is quiet here :)

  • Thanks for that. I registered for 4th May sessions, but didn't know about this one. Will look forward to replay as 10 p.m. is rather late.

  • I'm still in the middle of those sessions, which are absolutely amazing. I thought I'd read a lot about thyroid related problems, but there's still lots to learn. I've been scribbling madly, trying to get as much down as I could. Thanks for the link. They've been well worth the 49$ I paid to watch.

  • grammijee, I got the early pass also, I wasn't going to but it was too good to pass up. There is another one coming up in June I posted about. PR

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