Looking into counseling

I am currently looking into counseling but upon looking up "counseling" in the Thyroid UK search bar I came across this post a few years ago:


I understand that one of the responses reads that if I would be suffering inexplicable feelings of anxiety with no logical cause then no amount of counseling will help.

Now I feel a bit stuck with this.

I have anxiety about a lot of things, yes, but some of this is anxiety/mood swings/depression etc that is out of proportion.

However when I was on the Levo before (and when I had been into my dose for 2 months) I felt more confident but still a little bit "off". Could it be that I was undermedicated?

Latest TSH I'm still waiting on from the Endo, but after taking the Levo and Vitamin D today I felt a little bit better. Hard to understand really. I feel like I'm not making any sense at all.

Maybe I'm not.

Jo xxx

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  • I think that PROPER counciling will be of help to you , because you have a number of issues that need to be addressed --- and more importantly you now realise that --- what you NEED to find is the best councillor to help YOU .......... and no it is not in your imagination IT IS A VERY REAL SITUATION that is affecting your life at this moment ......but it is not insurmountable YOU CAN OVERCOME all of these issues in time with the correct directions....... please please think about exactly where YOU want to get to ........alan x

  • Hi Alan, thanks for your reply. :)

    I'd like to get some opinions/feedback if I post a draft letter to send to my GP as a question on this site.

    Jo xxx

  • Sorry, the draft letter I'll be creating will be long. But I can shorten it if needed.

    Jo xxx

  • I'm certain that the good people on this site will help and adjust , if they see something that could help -----I always re-write /adjust official letters 3/4/5/ times before the end letter is sent ---- alan x

  • Thanks Alan. Letter's finished as I had to copy and paste most of it but I still adapted it for the GP's perusal.

    Jo xxx

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