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Nodules & Cortisol

Been back to docs this morning - aaarrrrgggghhhh!

So the ultrasound I had been told was 'totally clear' & 'perfectly normal' actually showed a nodule - 4mm apparently.. Is that big/small/what? & should it be investigated? I can still feel a lump in my throat.

My cortisol result from blood taken at about 12 noon was 229 but I don't have ranges so have no idea what that means - does anyone have any ideas? I know blood cortisol isn't popular with people on here, but can anything be deduced from it?

TSH was 3.3 but I am going to get it done again this week, TG antibodies 25 times over range.

I think it's going to be self-medication for me!

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Any thoughts, anyone?


Hi Harry,

In may last year i had a scan which showed multi nodular goitre with the largest nodule being 2.2cm. I guess this has probably grown more by now, I've never had a fine needle biopsy but will be bringing this up at my endo appt on thurs. Sorry I can't be of more help but hopefully someone will be along soon x


Thanks, any input appreciated!


If your anti-bodies are that high then it would appear you have Hashimotos. Go to the website of Izabella Wentz where hopefully you can find some useful information. Her book is a good read too. Sorry I am not well informed about Adrenals - try - where they cover adrenals well....

TFT's are often well within range when anti-bodies are high - after all it's an auto-immune illness affecting your thyroid - so treatment would be to support the thyroid whilst under attack....


I was told my thyroid has no nodules by my endo and gp then I saw a dr at the hospital for something else and he mentioned a 4mm nodule on my thyroid that I had been told was clear. Apparently at that size they don't count?! I also have two 4mm in my lungs that I was told are of no clinical relevence! I'm not sure of my point but you're not alone.


Thank you, I just had no idea how big was big, or whether it was significant.


I think over 1cm gets their attention. A few mm can just be a scar rather than a nodule I'm told. It's tiny :)


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