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i've recently in the past couple of months been suffering from sore toes, could this be chilblains?

the ends, tops and pads of my toes have been really sore, red inflamed with dry swollen cracked skin, they burn or itch and are agonisingly painful if bashed or knocked. i went to the chemists today as they don't seem to be getting better, she didn't look and just prescribed hydrocortisone, but i just looked up chilblains and am thinking this may be it and related to being hypo?

is it worth visiting the dr about or do i just need to suffer?

i work from home and tend to not put the heating on to save money, maybe i need to reconsider that, or invest in some better and warmer (uugghh sensible!) footwear?

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Sounds like chilblains to me, so maybe do not use the cream she gave you. Chilblain cream would be better. Think you need to wear Ugg boots all day long. I do and my feet are usually warm but then I have the heating on too. Hypos need heat!


i'm so not an ugg boot kind of girl, but i agree some warmer footwear may have to be invested in! thanks for responding!


I used to get chilblains when a child. I did not have hypo then. Always in very cold weather and they are extremely painful as well as itchy. I haven't had them for years now. This is a link:-



thanks, think that's what i've got. I'd better start looking after my feet and keeping them warm!


I used to get them on my fingers too.


I see a podiatrist and he used a handful of lamb's wool off a roll, shoving it down the end of each of my socks. Then when I put my shoes back on, along with the special insoles he created, I floated out feeling like a new woman! If you can see a podiatrist this might help you too.


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