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Hyper Thyroid-ism Results in????

Hyper Thyroid-ism Results in????

I just got my results back but dont know what they mean? T4 10.7 and THS 0.01.

I was told I have Graves back in 2009 and suffered it all. I was due to have my goiter removed but it didn't happen and Im also unsure what this will do to me.

Anyway last year my doctor said I had been level for a couple of year so lets stop my meds "block and replace" and see what happens. In summer it came back hyper again, very sweaty, tired, eyes collapsing (feels like) breathless. I was advised to take carbimazole 20mg again daily until my endocrine appointment . I did for months and nothing happened. So I upped my does, doubled?? I stopped that after a while and went back to normal dose.Last week or so ago, I felt great, no sweats, not tired all day, my eyes felt more normal. However its back and worse last couple of days . So so tired, constipated.

I think i got better and now its gone under active due to my stupidity, however when my bloods were taken I felt okay.

Anyway I dont even know what these results mean? Can anyone fill me in? Also if anyone has had their goiter removed, have they felt better, back to normal? I just ask because even when my doctors said my levels were fine I did not feel well again?

Thank you.

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Can you give the ranges for the results please.

To confirm, you are currently on 20mg carbimazole and suffering from some hyper symptoms?

For future reference... people tend to get a better response in the Questions section.. :)

Hopefully, someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity...




Thank you for the tip Louise, still finding my feet so that is helpful.

I dont actually get my results, I just had that information because I phoned my Doctors and the receptionist told me. Im asking for my results to also be sent to myself from now on.

I am taking 20mg carbimazole at the moment for hyper but I believe at the moment Im hypo due to the extra carbimazole I took a few weeks back. Im just going to have to ride it out, I am however getting more bloods taken as soon as possible after the weekend.

Thanks x


I'n not sure about your results, they look OK to me but what was T3? What is your diet like, do you eat wheat, drink caffeine, a penchant for wine?: If so cut out wheat and reduce the others.... check out LowFod Map and Paleo diets. I feel these have helped me (last Feb TSH barely there and T4 nearly 70 now normal and only on 2.5mg of carb) I feel diet vital to get sorted... no junk food, biscuits, cakes (unless gluten free, Honeybuns is a lovely book for this) .... How are your eyes...have you had them test for TED? x


Thanks tilly I never thought about my diet before or that it could have a result on my Thyroid? It seems Im very green on the subject, but Ive had it over four years now. Time to take some action.

My eyes are just full of fluid, Im also a type one diabetic and go to the eye clinic on a regular basis so my eyes are also checked for Thyroid. Its under my eyes that just seem to collapse now when my levels are not good. Above my eyes are always swollen. x


might be worth tracking down expert nutritionist - take books with you (I've got The Complete LowFodmap Diet by Sue Shepherd and Practical Paleo by Diane Salifippo) there is possible link with thyroid and diabetes as it is also auto-immune illness...... the food in these books is lovely xx

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Hi Sbrady,

On the results sheet there should be a bit ( normally on the right) that lists the "normal" range - could you let us know what that says, this is because each test centre has their own "normal" range for the test - I have just found this out myself, and it is needed to interpret your results.

Love you pic, your nails look divine :-)

Also - can you check ans see if you are getting the same carbimazole - sometimes the pharmacy will just give you whatever they get from their wholesaler - this happens to me - and it is not the carbimazole but the fillers that the different manufacturers put in their pills that can cause all sorts of side effects - you may notice different side effects, or no side effects at all, depending on which brand you are on - it is worth keeping a diary of this.

finally - when and how are you taking your carbimazole? I ask as I have jsut found out that my thyroxine should not be taken with food, however I had been advised years ago to take it with food - and there may be strict instructions as to when and what you can take your carbimazole with - its worth checking.

If you can post the "normal" ranges, there will be someone here who can help interpret your results for you.

best of luck



Thank you for your response. Im afraid I dont have the results, the info I put on here was from the Doctors receptionist because I asked her to tell me. I never get the results, I never see them. Im getting more bloods taken Tuesday hopefully before my endo appointment on the 14th.

I need to be a lot more hands on with this, instead of following the Doctors blindly.

I have read through so much on here and its sounds so like my own experiences. Ill make sure I get all my results from now on.

Glad you like my nails lol x



I had the exact same problem - I spent nearly 15 years just getting the info from the docs receptionist - seems to be what some surgeries do, and I did not even get figures - just a "within expected range".

However, I got advice from this site and it is so easy it is so frustrating that no one at my surgery has ever mentioned this before - this is what you need to do;

Call or pop into your surgery and tell them you want a print out of your thyroid test results.

They HAVE to give it to you.

- my appointment was with my pointless doctor (I see many, some are good,but this one was not one of the good ones) gave it to me right away - takes a matter of seconds for them to print it out, so if he can give it to me, you can get it.

If you can get a docs appointment you can ask the doc and get it right away - if you ask at reception - they will probably need to put a request into the docs and it may take a week - but you are entitled to the info and it is not hard for them to give it to you.

Once you have the ranges you will have a better idea of what your results mean

Hope this helps, best of luck


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