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Hi all,

Can anyone please recommend a doctor who will treat my partners diagnosed Hashimotos.

He's at the end of his tether with his

symptoms of fatigue, fuzzy head, constipation & so much more. I'll take him for an appointment anywhere if it means he can get better eventhough we live in Wales. I really need to find a doctor who treats Hashimotos & takes it seriously. His own doctor won't treat him until his thyroid function test is out of the normal range. Really hoping someone can help us.

Many Thanks x

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If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org who has a list of NHS Endos/private doctors.

I am sorry he is suffering so much and members who have hashi's may be able to give some advice. This is a link to a site and the pharmacist herself has hashi's.



The website that shaws has suggested is very good. I have read her book and receive her informative Newsletter. Hashimotos is a condition that you really have to deal with yourself. Very few Docs fully understand the implications of Auto-immune issues. I have Hashimotos - diagnosed in 2005 at 59 - Crohns was diagnosed some 40 years ago - another auto-immune condition. Take a look at my profile if you wish....

So it's all about healing the gut - going gluten free - and piling in with the supplements. Has your partner been tested for the basics - B12 Ferritin Folate Iron VitD - all these need to be HIGH in their ranges for him to feel well and are often very low in Hashi's people due to underlying gut issues and malabsorption...

There is a very useful mantra - if it doesn't grow don't eat it - which quickly excludes processed food.

You could click onto Hashimotos on the right side of this page - under Browse by Category - and you will see plenty to read...or type anything you wish to know more about into the Search box on the Green bar above....

When you are armed with all the information you should ask the Doc for a trial of T4. I was given T4 even though the TSH FT4 FT3 were all in range....due to the anti-bodies. When the thyroid is under attack it needs support in the form of T4....according to my GP. I live in Crete - so things are easier.....

Don't panic - lots of vitamin C may help the constipation - magnesium too - or a long walk after a meal ( Ayeurvedic ! ) Lying on the floor with knees up to the chest - wrap arms around the knees and roll from side to side. Press down on the knees. This will massage the internal organs - just been doing it in my yoga class :-)

Hope things soon improve......


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