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Bemused by "The Lab"

Twice this week I have been suprised and worried by the actions of my local NHS Lab. Firstly it hasn't been sending my blood test results ordered by the Endo to my GP so I got a letter from the practice asking me to have a blood test even though I have them done every 3 to 6 months (sorted out after two phone calls, GP to contact Lab). Secondly I turn up for my Endo appointment today to find that even though the consultant requested T4,T3 and TSH levels last time they only tested TSH. As I am on T4 and T3 this could have been a frustrating waste of time.Luckily I could list a whole range of improvements since the last appointment where my meds were tweaked so I have been left alone and the consultant has written"please" on the request for the next set of blood tests. I understood this might happen with blood tests from the GP but I am amazed that they will ignore a request from a specialist. Has anyone else had this happen?

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Yes, all but one of test forms issued by my endo have had T3 listed and it has never been done. Don't know why they seem to do everything else that has been requested.

Seems very strange to me.


Hi The Labs make their own laws. usually difficult about everything. i have several lots of bloods done a week but now pay for my own thyroid tests, on line. The Lab often lose blood, then blame the surgery etc, they fail to analyse and say blood N/A which is always rubbish. A patient not allowed to speak to an NHS Lab or manager, so GP often too busy as takes numerous calls to get through.

Above all , when my potassium goes over range ( renal failure and coma) r very low, cardiac arrests, they are meant to phone the GP immediately. They never do, results still come in 2-3 days !Likely I would be dead by then!


My GP always states that I take T3 and that way the lab always test my FT3 levels.


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