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Endo Results

Went to get results this morning from endo. She was unable to print them out as she didnt have a printer. So i asked her to write them down, they are as follows...

ACTH test was within normal range, it doubled, she did not write anything further here.



Vitamin D-25-(range 60-150) Starting on supplements.

FT4-18.5 (range 7.5-21.1)

FT3-6.14 (range 3-5)

TSH-0.16 (range 0.34-5.6)


Due to some of my symptoms including palpitations and sweating, anxiety, i suggested that i may be over medicated. The endo said i might need a reduction in my meds but is not going to reduce them at the moment, she wants me to have thyroid bloods taken in three months.

Any views on these results would be appreciated.



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Your Endo sounds sensible. Levo gave me palpitations but sometimes they settle down.

I hope you feel better soon.


thanks, i will see how i go


Did you ask them to test B12 and folate Christine? I really think you need these tested ASAP based on our previous conversations. x

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I didnt ask her to test foe anything else vecasue she was dissscharging me, i will need to speak to my gp about them.


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