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Both T4 and TSH is above normal range

i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism two months ago since then i have been taking 50mg of levothyroxine. my blood test result was TSH 10.5 T4 17.5 T3 4.5. yesterday i did a test again as i was not feeling well for couple of weeks and the result came as TSH 5.5 T4 23 T3 4.5. here my question is do i have to continue with levo or i stop medication altogether? Please advice

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Mine is similar to yours. My doc just upped my meds to .75 mgs


75mgs not .75, sorry


Being hypo is usually for life, I am sorry to say, so do not stop the medication. Do you have reference ranges for these results, as I think your TSH is high and you may need to look at the dose of a Levo you are takings and increase?

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