Is my Endo colourblind?

Is my Endo colourblind?

My Endo who said I am Hashi's has recently sent me a copy of the report when I saw her a few weeks ago and one part of the report states the following:

" There was no evidence of any joint swelling, skin rashes or Raynaud's."

I have taken photos of my feet which show discolouration typically seen in Raynaud's because I was that annoyed about what she wrote even though I suffer from Raynaud's to the point where my toes go purple.

I don't think she examined me properly.

Jo xxx

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  • I think she wrote the same standard letter she writes for all patients. That's what happened to me when I was referred to an "ME Specialist" 2 years ago. Total joke. Didn't ask enough questions to make a diagnosis, wasn't interested in my history, didn't order any tests, didn't examine me.

    Wrote a letter to my GP saying I had ME. In the words of a therapist at a follow up session "we don't think he writes them himself because they are all the same and yours was unsigned".

  • Daft, isn't it. I've got photographic evidence of the Raynaud's so I'll be sending an email along with this image and the others to her.

    I might be going to a rheumatologist now as she thinks I have a connective tissue disease.

    Thanks Rosetrees.

    Jo xxx

  • has anyone tried making a complaint about these guys? There is no excuse for ignorance

  • Hi, I made a complaint about my previous practice as they refused to test my thyroid anymore despite a high TSH and they were trying to score points by justifying 18 months of misdiagnosis by saying I missed 2 GP appointments.

    I gave up after that as there was no reasoning with them.

  • Try your MP and the local paper. or the Daily Mail.

  • Archipoeta, I might be doing that going by the ultrasound report that lay hidden for 2 years which was never actioned. Words in the report such as "fenestration" and "thyroid vascularity" mean the possibility of cancer.

    Jo xxx

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