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Feratin, folate and B12 results - would lowish in range B12 levels stop thyroxine from converting? Are supplements required?

In my quest for getting better, persuaded GP to test my folate, feratin and B12. Grateful for your advice on these results. I have recently switched to T3 only as thyroxine and T3 combination doesn't seem to be working any more. Although the results are in the normal range, I think they might need to be higher.

Feratin 40.6 (range 20 - 300)

Folate 11.4 (range 3.4 - 20)

B12 344 (range 246 -911)

If necessary, any advice on supplements please.


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I am not an expert in this field - but can see that your Ferritin could be higher - around 70 I believe. Your B12 is LOW - and it is important to know that only about 20% of the reading will be available at a cellular level where it is needed and works. Hence the advice from this forum is that it should be around 900 ensuring you receive a good level in the cells.

I personally use B12 patches - and take I have absorption issues due to vital bits missing in the gut ! Jarrow 1000mcg Chewable Methycobalamin. Hopefully someone will come along who knows more - hampster1 and others have a wealth of knowledge. You could look up her posts on this forum.

There are also things to learn about keeping any iron supplements away from your thyroid treatment - although as you are T3 then I am not sure if that is still an issue - as it is with T4. may have some answers !

You didn't mention your VitD result....perhaps they didn't test it or you may have had it done recently. VitD is more than a vitamin - it is a steroidal pre-hormone and also anti-inflammatory. It also aids other happenings in our bodies. Again it needs to be HIGH in the range.

You didn't mention your symptoms - perhaps you don't have too many - and just want to feel optimally well :-) Must say I have felt better since upping B12 and introducing VITD....hope you do too....

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am glad that B12 has helped you.

The GP said that he couldn't do a vit D test.

I wonder if lowish levels are because I was undiagnosed hyper for at least 4 years and most likely longer on and off whether I depleted all my vitamins. I eat plenty of meat/fish/veg. My mum has B12 absorption issues because of tummy troubles, but she takes omeprazole .It never occurred to me that (she) or I might be low on B12 until I learned more on this site researching thyroid stuff.

My symptoms are many and varied (total thyroidectomy 2011).

Fatigue being the worst, an inability to handle stress (but I tested low for DHEA -adenal hormone); nausea when I take thyroxine; weakness and shaking when experiencing stress, was craving salt, but this has gone now, but I do eat a lot of it (sodium tested low normal also (never used to like the taste), not much of an appetite, requirement for lots of sleep, tummy problems on and off, sometimes my heart does a loop the loop, but less so since I stopped taking thyroxine and stuck to T3 only, muscle cramps and joint pain. Symptoms feel very different to when I was hyper.

Also of note are weak leg muscles and a tendency to fall over (many bruises, black eyes etc. collected over the last few years).I have been doing squats and lunges most days for the last year, but it hasn't made much difference. All my muscles are weak, but I was inactive for a while following an acciedent. I thought he leg problems were back related- I am waiting for surgery, but neurosurgeon says likely not back, endo says not thyroid.

Just don't feel like me. GP says I am stressed (but not previously prone to collapsing under stress) Various hypo symptoms like dry skin, even in my ears!/ brain fog. I found it impossible to loose weight until I started the paelo diet and gave up wheat/cow dairy. It is all so complicated so I am trying to address anything that could be making me feel poorly. I looked up the supplements, but realise that they contain cobalt - I am allergic to cobalt (and nickel) showed strong positive at patch test -I wonder if I would be able to take the supplement?. I have taken multi vits in the past without problems. I saw that liver and clams have high levels of B12. Any further thoughts welcome. Many thanks Sandra


All seem at the low end of normal. Most people feel better if their results are at the upper end of normal. I would go back to doctor and ask if he will prescribe any of the following! It is worth asking before spending your own money :-). I take all of these daily. 5000iu VitB12 you can't overdose (O/D) on this vitamin as it is water based and any excess washes out in the urine. 5000iu VitD3 (with out calcium as too much calcium can cause kidney stones), this is fat based but is difficult to O/D. 200mg magnesium. This helps with absorption of VitD. 1000mg VitC as this helps with absorption of Iron ( doctors prescription of ferrous fumerate 630mcg daily). 200mgSelenium. All of these are good for the thyroid. Hope this is helpful? Hope you feel better soon. Wendy


Thanks Wendy, I will give it a go. Sandra


Ferritin is still way too low it mmust be minimum of 70

folate must be over halfway up thr range

b12 does not seem too bad

you need to continue with iron plus vit c

and t3 rather thsn thyroxine


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