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Where can i go for gynae-type issues to avoid NHS GP? Are there any sexual health clinics that will do scans and deal with cysts/fibroids?

Hi all

You will have seen my post under "posts" so i won't repeat the back story.

I cannot deal with awful nhs gp and have already explained why changing is pointless

Would any of the walk in sexual health type clinics also help me regarding a cyst on my ovary causing extreme pain plus fibroids? Is there anywhere at all i can go for these type of issues - just not nhs GP from hell who would only dismiss my concerns as she always does (and yes all the others at the practice are crap too)

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HI Bluedaff,

try to ring the Burrell Street sexual health clinic (4-6 Burrell St, SE1 0UN) on 020 7188 6666

just ask to speak to a manager (I usually find that if you speak to a receptionist or junior nurse often they can be too 'snappy' and unsympathetic).

They are open 7 days a week

PS also if you like I can ask the Gynae unit where I am? they used to take self referrals but now only take GP referrals, however I can ask if there is a 'way around it'??


you could also try your local 'healthwatch', explain your situation to them and ask if you can self refer for gynae assessment somewhere in your area? they can look into it for you?


Hi, I know the one where you are specifically says you must be referred by a medical doc. I was going to ask my gastro tomorrow at St T but have a feeling i am going to be fobbed off with a registrar. If you could ask if there is a way round iw ould be really grateful - to get into the Mc Nair centre one? The emergency clinic takes self refs but the website is v specific about what an emergency is and it is clear they will turn me away as i don't fit criteria.

Re Burrell St, i don't know what to say when they ask why i need a manager - if i start explaining they will just switch off


if they ask 'why' you want to speak to a manager just say it is private and you cannot share this with anyone else? :)


I have just asked the emergency gynae unit in st thomas', you 'must' have a GP referral or hospital doctor (in other dept) referral. So yes, ask the gastro person tomorrow to refer you, tell them of your difficulties with the GP and what gynae problems you have and ask him/her (even if its a reg its ok) to write there and then a letter referring you.


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