Second opinion or just paranoid!!

Ok I have just had my biopsy results and third set of bloods and have been told by the ent specialist nothing to worry about we will do a second biopsy on your 3cm nodule in 4 to 6 months. This is apparent every time i swallow as you can see it on my left side. I said what about all my symptoms. Was told to go back to my gp.. symptoms are tired, aching joints, breathless (upto 3 months ago really active gym bunny) insomnia anxiety hand tremors memory is shocking. Starting to wonder if all on my head!!!

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  • Is the result inconclusive or benign? If it isn't benign I wouldn't be happy to wait 4-6months and would want a 2nd opinion.

  • It was benign so don't understand the reason for a 2nd but I suppose peace of mind. But I still feel so rubbish and my neck aches at the site of where the nodule is.

  • I have a 3cm nodule too and have had 2 FNAs. I will get the result mid-February. I was told by the ENT consultant that current medical opinion requires 2 clear results before they decide whether a nodule is benign. I thought, Just this result to come and I'll be sure - and then I read on this site that there is a 15% margin of error with FNAs and they're looking for a better way to test patients. What price peace of mind?!

  • I know its always a worry. Ive never been really ill (general cold flu bugs etc) but the last 3 months or so have really knocked me!! To the point of anti depressants. When you had your fna did they use a scan to guide where the needle went. Mine didnt so I dont know whether he hit the right place. I hope everything goes ok for you .

  • At the hospital I attend if they find a nodule and it came back benign patients were called back routinely once a Year for a yearly check. I met a woman at the biopsy clinic who had been attending for 15 years. The benign nodules are cysts that can grow and press on structures in the throat. They can also fill with fluid and they drain them using the same instruments they use for the FNA. The amount of people that actually have or develop thyroid cancer is really small and to have all this monitoring available impressed me.

  • The consultant had me in and out of the room so fast I couldn't think of questions to ask. It was its ok we'll see you in four to six months. I am going back to the doctors Tuesday as I dont feel any better. Glad your hospital is looking out for you.

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