Can Hypo cause acne? And what about acid reflux!?

Since starting Levothyroxine in October my chest, shoulders and back have broken out in spots! They seem to take an age to heal. I also have a swollen gland on the left side where the neck/shoulders meet. Is it fighting the acne?

Also, since being diagnosed and starting Levo, I suffer horribly with acid reflux - my mouth is dreadfully bitter/sour.

Any info very much appreciated!

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  • Hi

    I don't know about the acne but acid reflux could well be due to being hypo.

    My mum is hypo (i've recently followed suit!) and she had to take some specific meds for a while to deal with the reflux.

    The thyroid has a lot to answer for when it gets thrown out of kilter.

    Take care.


  • Yes,if they are raised red lumps could be hidradenitis suppurativa. glands will come up with it all over body. Try and get

    Thyroid and sex hormones and cortisol and glucose and weight under control. Ocytetracycline long term is offered by gp But often cause other issues. Not easy :(

  • Hypothyroid causes problems in all parts of the body. One of the problems is weak muscles and this also applies to the valve (muscle) at the top of the stomach which should prevent reflux - as it is weak it does not work well.

    Hypo also causes low acid in the stomach, leading to problems digesting protein.

    There are various things to try. Getting your thyroid medication right should help. Anti acids can also give relief. I found that not eating for about 4 hours before going to bed made the biggest difference.

  • Hi, for the acid reflux betaine hydrochloride is very good. Take one or two tablets every time that you eat and it should subside. After a couple of months things could be getting back to normal. Hope that helps.

    Jo xx

  • Thank you Jo, I will try that.

    Is it ok to use alongside Levothyroxine? Where can I get it? Xx

  • Hi you will get it at any healthfood shop. Not sure about Holland and Barratt. If you take your levo in the morning, maybe leave it til lunch time before you take the bet Hydrochloride. If the two tabs don't work you can try three. It is wonder ful stuff.

    Jo xx

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