My doctor has prescribed my levo and referred me to see a professor at the local hospital. My bloods are almost double the "norm" but I have no symptoms of over prescribing. I am shocked to the core. I was expecting another argument and being told to stop medication. Lets hope I get the result I need. It will have taken almost a quarter of a century to get this far. (Except for Dr S who was a huge help).

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  • Hope it goes well! x

  • Good luck

  • Yes hope it helps. Please keep posting.

  • How are you feeling; do you still have any hypo symptoms?

  • Sandy I have felt well for quite a while on the medication I am on. Unfortunately my doctor wanted me to stop taking it. So extremely surprised when he prescribed it.

  • You are not typical of the condition, but your need for high levels of thyroid hormones in your blood could be indicative of Thyroid Hormone Resistance.

    Hopefully the professor at the local hospital will be aware of the condition.

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