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Imhaving thyroidectomy left hemi and thoracotmy left in 1wks due to large retrosternal multinodular non toxic goiter. Also bad asthmatic

i have heard that the pain after the thoracotomy is really bad unlike the thyroidectomy side of the op. Please if you have had this double procedure to remove your thyroid or even just a thoracotmycould you give me any info good or bad. Also any recommendations on the best thing to put on scars post op many thanks sue

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Sorry you have had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity...




Hi Sue

I've only had a partial thyroidectomy for a dodgy nodule, but I just wanted to reply and wish you all the best.

I'm glad to see your previous post mentions a thoracic surgeon will be on-hand. Please let us know how it goes.

One thing I wished I'd done was to make myself plenty of soup & freeze it! oh and a 'boppy' cushion helps to sleep upright a bit. With very best wishes, Jane :D


thanks wots a boppy cushion lol sounds great


Hi sorry late reply - I've got a triangle one but the 'boppy' sort are like half a doughnut, to prop you up. (recommended by USA guys who've had thoracic/rib surgery)


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