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Can nutri thyroid be as effective as synthetic / natural desiccated thyroid?


As I am still not diagnosed as hypothyroid, unless I am will be taking nutri-thyroid so would appreciate any comments/ experiences?

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Why are you taking it if you aren't diagnosed? I know you can be low with normal blood work. I thought I was a few months back. I got my bloods checked, tested blood sugar in case it was diabetes, but nothing. I had insomnia but wanted to sleep all day, was moody, anxious, tired all the time etc... then I quit sugar. Problem solved. Take a look at this.

I still have no idea what was wrong and can't actually pin it on sugar as I have lost plenty of other things from my diet, but it's a good place to start. I would investigate every avenue before taking any kind of thyroxine, natural or otherwise because once you're on it, it's usually for good and the good feeling you get from having a full compliment of thyroid hormone could actually be covering something else.

cc120 in reply to Divided

Hi Divided, blood tests have categorised me as subclinical hypothyroidism and a private specialist prescribed nutri adrenal and nutri thyroid. I did have hyperglycemia and stopped all sugar for a year but the excessive tiredness, dizzyness, light headedness, weakness still persist. I am awaiting further blood tests but if GP doesn't help will be starting nutri thyroid in a few weeks.


Have any blood tests been done?

cc120 in reply to Hidden

Hi CG - Yes:

TSH and FT4 blood test results over 10 year period -

30/10/2013 - TSH: 8.1 H mu/L (0.3 - 4.2); FT4: 15.6 pmol/L (12 - 22)

09/07/2012 - TSH: 2.5 mu/L (0.3 - 4.2); FT4: not given

30/01/2008 - TSH: 7 mu/L (0.3 - 4.2); FT4: 13 pmol/L (12 - 22)

27/07/2007 - TSH: 7.5 mu/L (0.3 - 4.2); FT4: 13.1 pmol/L (12 - 22)

11/06/2004 - TSH: 4 mU/l (0.3 - 4.2); FT4: not given

Awaiting results for FT3, Thyroid antibodies; Ferritin; Folate; B12; Vit D3 , Calcium

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OK, so as your TSH is under 10 that's why they won't do anything?

I guess all you can do is wait for those other results to come through and then post up again. Had the Nutri left your system by the time the tests were done?

cc120 in reply to Hidden

Yes I know about the over 10 rule, though I was hoping that as I have persistent subclinical hypothyroidism along with symptoms (as stated above, plus nails deteriorating) I've been experiencing over a few years, which have increased considerably the last year, GP might be convinced to help. I haven't ever taken any thyroid medication. I started nutri adrenal extra a couple of days ago and might start nutri thyroid in a few weeks, depending what happens with the GP.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to cc120

As I have said many times, I was diagnosed with a lower TSH than you. It is possible. (I say it as encouragement!)

What time of day were the blood draws done (if you can remember!)?

That 2012 test looks like a "blip"!

Interesting that your TSH is higher - and so too is your FT4. Maybe your pituitary has a slightly increased capacity for churning out TSH - having been producing more than a "healthy" person would need for ten years? Pituitary hyperplasia is well known in hypothyroid people.

cc120 in reply to helvella

Hi helvella, The blood was taken at around 8.30am. I'm still researching Pituitary hyperplasia but according to someone on another thread, the variation in TSH could be a symptom of Hashimoto?

Hi cc120 I had trouble getting diagnosed as hypothyroid. I went down the naturopath/nutri adrenal & thyroid route but found it did't help me. In 2005, my TSH was 4.5 my FT4 11 and I had thyroid antobodies - my NHS GP agreed to test my TSH annually but said that I could not be hypothyroid unless my TSH rose to 5.5. I even asked him about the lemon yellow tint to my face (which some hypothyroid people get) and he said that he hadn't got a clue!

I saw Dr Skinner in Brimingham and he looked at all of my symptoms as well as the blood tests and concluded that I was hypothyroid. I ended up taking 150mcg thyroxine and though I did feel much better initially I never quite felt as well as I'd hoped. Dr S did suggest that I might need to take T3, but I didn't want to unless I really had to. However, over the last 2 yrs things have deteriorated so I am now trying T3 (with a private GP).

I suggest that you consult a private GP, who will look at your symptoms as well as your blood tests. Don't wait until your health gets worse.

cc120 in reply to star-flower

Hi Star-flower, thank you very much, I was hoping the naturopath/nutri adrenal & thyroid route (prescribed by Dr P) would be the answer, but when I posted plans to follow on here was advised to insist on further testing for FT3, Thyroid antibodies; Ferritin; Folate; B12; Vit D3 , Calcium (which I should get results for next week) and also insist on trial levythyroxine AND refer to specialist. If I'm not offered any further help, will consider other private specialist that can prescribe thyroxine. Just reading on here, someone recommended Dr. Georges Mouton a private specialist at the Hale Clinic, but will ask Louise if she supplies list of private specialists aswell as the NHS specialists she has already provided me with.

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