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this has probably been asked before so apologies...

just ordered some nutri thyroid from amazon, i have heard good things about it so thought it might help cos im not feeling great at the mo, however ive just increased to 125 (well, i might alternate 100/125) so looking into things that could help.

Is nutri (the glandular supplement) to be taken alongside full levo dose or do i decrease slightly to see how it goes?

and has anyone had good results with it, currently im struggling with a lot of bloating, sudden weight gain despite doing weight watchers, depression, lethargy, constipation.

thanks as always for any help xx

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Grace. And even more sorry that I don't know the answer to your question! But I would like to. I'm hoping that some traffic on the thread may bring it to the attention of Those In The Know, who may enlighten us both. :0)


thanks humphrey,

i actually found a lot of older threads on here about it which were very helpful! people seem to be doing well on it as an addition to levo...think i will start with 1 a day and see how that goes. Its quite reasonable on amazon although they dont deliver to ireland so i have to get my parents to send it here.


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