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Readers of 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' magazine - opinions appreciated

I've often seen this magazine mentioned on here and it seems to receive favourable reviews. Am interested in subscribing, maybe.

The website content, apart from the basic, does cost and there are 2 different levels costing from £4.00 per month plus VAT up to £6.95 per month plus VAT.

Would appreciate some thoughts on what's the best option. For example, would it be better to not bother with the magazine and just go for an online subscription? Magazine is £42.00 per annum with debit card.

Thanks very much!

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Sorry you have had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity...




I have never paid for access so my opinion is based on the fragments available for free.

It has some interesting things but Iam not convinced that the quality of articles is as high as I would expect for the price. Some at least seem to be very much "journalistic" rather than medical.

I would be very interested in the opinions of others who have had deeper experience - i.e. paid access.


Thanks Rod. Reckon I'll save some money then!

Can't help feeling though that we do need a publication of some description that informs us of new medical developments and is written in an easy to understand format. Whilst it's great that we have access to PubMed for example, it really is hard-going for those with brain fog, myself included.


I found a homeopathic pharmacy in Kent selling copies of WDDTY and so I go there, have a look at the list of contents and then decide whether to buy a copy that month. Some months it's good, but some months it's not really so interesting, and as helvella says, some articles are more journalistic than medical and a bit lightweight.

Somewhere on their site they list which shops sell the magazine, but I also emailed them for this information last year and over the next two months they sent me two free download links for that month's copy - sadly after I'd already bought a copy though!


Thanks Framboise. I've not seen it in the shops but won't be bothering now!


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