Where do we go now our dear Dr. Skinner has passed?

I was due to see him in January and get my next prescription of Armour, I am at a loss now what to do. My GP is like many others blinkered by the fact being on this medication has changed my life, she doesn't believe I need it due to my blood results being normal. I am scared now what I should do next. Any advice will be appreciated. x

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I am in the same situation. My referral to Dr S came through three days after he died. My GP will only treat on TSH, which is suppressed as soon as I take anything, although FT4 is only 14.1 (9-26). We are at stalemate and although he wants to refer me, I can't find anywhere to go.

Hi I think I will call Dr. Skinners surgery later, there must be a lot of people in the same situation. I guess they have some thoughts on what we can do. If I get any useful info I will send a note.

Thanks x

I believe that Dr S's surgery will shortly be putting together a list of practitioners that his former patients can approach. I am just starting a treatment regime with Dr Georges Mouton, who works from the Hale Clinic in London - he also has a web site (gmouton.com). On the plus side, he is very thorough about carrying out blood tests and a 24hr urine test - which revealed that I don't have enough T3 (I already take thyroxine), iodine, vitamin D3 or the hormone pregnenolone. He also tested for intolerances and gave dietary advice. On the minus side, he is pretty booked up - unless you can get a cancellation appointment - and it is not cheap. But I found that I could not get my health sorted via NHS, so this is my last ditch attempt to solve things!

Thank you so much for the advice, will check him out on Google. xx

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