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Borderline results 2008 and now, though normal in between ? with symptoms?


I have had a lot of fatigue lately, weight gain, palpitations, lack of coordination, vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, sore throats, recently noticable brittle weak splitting nails, loss of drive, wanting to be solitary, mood swings and depression, as well as infrequent difficulty swallowing and I really don't know - all these symptoms could be anything...

does it make sense to try a low dose of levothyroxene now instead of starting possibly if things get worse and I have another blood test in June??

I realise it's borderline - but could it help to have meds?

I read that it can cause it's own problems - i really don't want my weight gain to continue - let alone lack of drive and fatigue and dizziness...

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Have you had your B12 checked? Symptom checker here:


No such thing as borderline, is that like being a tiny bit pregnant or a little bit diabetic?


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