British Pharmacopoeia 2014

As the chimes of Big Ben faded away, the latest British Pharmacopoeia (2014) became legally binding.

Does anyone have access to this to find out if the new monograph for levothyroxine (which had been in draft form) has been included?

There is so much restriction on access it is difficult to be sure of anything - as an outsider.


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  • I had a login with Athens which has probably expired. I will try and get another one when I get back to work.


  • Thank you - I am patient! :-)


  • as indeed we all are ......hope you had a super festive time rod ......alan x

  • Hi Rod, my university has access to the 2013 version so presumably it will eventually subscribe to the 2014 one. I'll keep an eye out for it. Lynne

  • Thank you.

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