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It was a lovely Christmas......Oh how quickly things can change !

Had a super Christmas .....saw both sons beforehand and tested my aching muscles by walking from one end to the other of our local airport searching for where Domestic arrivals had gone to in order to greet our eldest and then back again to short stay car park mentally consumed by my thoughts on my levothyroxine and whether it's aiding me or not?.......temporary waiting room way outside the other end of the building whilst changes are made....hence the lack of signs!

Looking back on the holiday we remarked how smoothly it had gone and my better half settled down to transferring dates on to new Kitchen Calendar for the start of NewYear, remarking how good it was that he didn't have any hospital appointments on the horizon.

It was now late Friday evening and having just come out of the bath I was called downstairs where hubby was having a massive nose bleed in the shower room.....10 minutes later I phoned NHS direct who advised to go to A&E so complete with bath towel, plastic bin and a box of man size tissues we set off to the next town ....A &E hospital.........not a happy place to be at midnight on a Friday.After plugging his nostrils it was decided to send him to the Ear Nose and Throat dept. at another hospital in a blue light ambulance, where it was morning before he could get a bed.At this point I will reveal he is on quickly the holiday changed.He was not a happy bunny and I felt really sorry for him.

I felt helpless .....the only humourous thing we could think of was it was a good job TV's Doc Martin hadn't been there !

I have done a bit of on line research and understand that nose bleeds can be a side effect of warfarin so maybe he will come off it ....we wait to see.

I must say that everyone at hospital have been can imagine how short staff they are .....not only a weekend,but Christmas time too.

Let's hope he's home soon and feeling better.

Thankfully, my thyroid is coping reasonably well apart from the aching legs.

Hospital only 13 miles away so not too bad and have seen some wonderful sunsets on the way home each day.

Let's hope we can all have a Happy New Year and better health.

I wish you all well. XX

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Oh dear.. that sounds tough, it may not be him coming off the Warfarin but more of a fine tune, his levels may be wrong, especially if diet has been different over Christmas... they will probably advise more visits to INR clinic to monitor it! MaryF x


Thanks Mary.....there are a few things to consider as he had major heart surgery in 2009, has a pace maker.has also had parathyroid surgery.

I loved your post .....a good laugh much needed.X


Ta! and ps - the basics! MFx


Thanks for that Mary interesting article X

PS ..just noticed your initials.....they were my maiden initials .As a child I used to call myself Ministry of Food ! X


Goodness me - what a horrible, frightening experience. Let's hope they get him sorted out and back home soon so that you can both have a happy New Year.


Thanks so much.......I've just had a call to say there's a small chance he may be discharged today so mustn't get my hopes up too much but can't wait to have him home again.

A Happy New Year to you and yours. X


Thank you, fingers crossed for that discharge. x


Hi marfit hope the discharge is imminent and the nose bleed has STOPPED. My dad was on server duty in Winchester Cathedral on Christmas Eve midnight service - when asked how it went it seems the highlight there was a nosebleed too which needed ambulance and flashing lights. Do you think this is a new trend _ not a good one - Very impressed with your negotiating airports - pavements are quite enough at this time of year without queues and signs etc added into the mix. Wishing you all the best for 2014 for you and yours with zero emergencies! X


Hi there Sarah, I hope all went well for the poor soul you spoke of at the Winchester Cathedral Midnight Service.....not a good place or time for it to happen.

I've not visited Winchester but can imagine the Christmas Eve service there being wonderful.I hope you saw my post....Hubbie is home so all is fine for him and we can relax again.Happy New Year.X


So sorry to hear of hubbies misfortune. It cant be easy for you either, backwards and forwards to the hosp at this time of year. Nice to hear he has had good treatment and lets hope he comes out today.

Whishing you both improved health for 2014.

Moggie x


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