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Techie problem

I have emailed about the problem but wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

Whilst reading posts yesterday the text on the page became significally smaller. No other open windows, with different websites were affected, only Thyroid UK Support. I tried other pages on the forum and they were all the same until I clicked on 'help' meaning to contact a techie and this page was normal!

I cannot read the pages properly, and Im having trouble writing this. First time its ever happened.

I have taken a screen shot if anyone wants to have a look?

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One thing you could try...

If you press and hold down the Ctrl key, then briefly press the 0 key (then let both keys go) it will set the text size to the default for the page.

Just in case anyone is interested, if you press the Ctrl key as above then briefly press the + key, the text size gets bigger, and if you press Ctrl and the - key the text size gets smaller.


Hope you will be able to read this reply!

In some browsers, the browser remembers settings for each site. So it might remember the settings for, say:

But it might not think those settings apply to:

Which is where you would go to report issues.

So, if you happened to press the Ctrl key and the minus key at the same time, that would have shrunk the text. You might have done this accidentally, and without noticing. It would then apply that zoom zettings each time you return to this site.

The way to get back to normal would be to use Ctrl key and zero at the same time. (That is the zero in the top row - not on the numeric key pad.) That works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer (at least in the latest versions).



Aha! back to normal, thank you both! (I did the Ctrl + 0)

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