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Am I stupid or am I stupid!!! I hate to be a moaner but I really dislike this new site. When I click on 'continue reading' the link often disappears?

Mixing posts, questions and most recent, all in one page, means you have to read several pages to look at all posts for the last twenty four hours. Very time consuming.

This site was at its best when we had questions on one side of the screen and posts on the other side. You could at least look at what you found most interesting to you.

I do appreciate all the time and effort all the admin team put in. We NEED sites like this to learn from one another and to share information but if it aint broke don't fix it!


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  • I know exactly what you mean. You need to tell the HU people, click on the green lightbulb thing on the bottom right and let them know what you think.

  • Betty, click on the green lightbulb and then click on Send us a message to give HU your feedback. Don't hold back, or else they'll think we love the new style.

  • I totally agree with you Betty. I don't like this new site at all. I am hardly ever on here now. I used to use the cold site all the time.

  • t3rcam - Please report back via the feedback lightbulb! Thanks! :)

  • I agree with you Betty

  • Margo - Please report back via the feedback lightbulb! Thanks! :)

  • I agree with you. I haven't as yet tried the new 'system' but we had such a difficult and horrendous time at the last change-over I am very reluctant.

  • I agree.

  • mstp - Please report back via the feedback lightbulb! Thanks! :)

  • Don't understand, what lightbulb and where is it?

  • Hi Margo - have you recently followed a link to change your HU account over to the new style site...? If so - you should be seeing a green lightbulb on the bottom right of the screen.... If you click on this, you can submit feedback...

  • No haven't followed any link to change the format, it took such a long time to work out this one. How do I change?

  • I had an email asking me to test it so I linked in from that. Others appear to have a link on the blue bar at the top of the page. To get into the new version type the url:!bg. If you want rid of it once you have tried it, clear out the cookies and follow a saved link and you should get back to the old version. Good luck!

  • Oh gawd more fun and games, thank you tin-lizzy

  • Sorry Margo - when you said you agreed, I thought you were talking about the new site!


  • where is the 'greenlightbulb' or feedback button please?

  • Hi Jeannie

    You should be able to see a green lightbulb on the bottom right of the screen....!?

  • well I've searched the page for either lightbulb or feedback option and can't see either :-(

  • Hi Jeannie

    Can you see tabs which say 'posts' and 'Questions'? If so, you are still in the old version of the site!

  • yes I can so how _ do I want to? - get on the new site :-) x

  • See my reply above to Margo.

  • I click on the title of the post rather than 'Continue Reading' and it takes me straight to the right post, as it did here! (used to get the problem a few months back though)

  • You've hit on what's probably the most disliked 'improvement'. Do please tell the developers about it, because it's rather difficult to describe - and you've put it very clearly!

    I wonder if the developers understand what a busy site this is? I shall go and tell them >>>>>>>>>>>>> whoosh

  • Go Humphrey! ;) x

  • Done Humphrey!

  • I have added my mite.

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