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Hair loss, why don't doctors look at the holistic picture instead of each symptom individually?

Why is it doctors don't link our symptoms up?

I told my doctor about me losing hair, my arms looked like a plucked chicken! I've also started losing a abnormal amount of head hair when I brush it. It is extremely dry as is my face and scalp, my skin almost peels off under my chin it's so dry! I too have gone grey very quickly and young (32 after giving birth to my second child) I also went through the menopause at the same time. I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (which is the worst it has ever been, every joint seems to hurt, from one degree to another). I'm always tired, somedays I can't add 2+2, this is someone who started studying for a Masters Degree 3 Years ago but found I couldn't concentrate and I finished up not just giving up on it but also my work last year . This was very hard to do, as I have always enjoyed studying and loved my work! I felt helpless. Why can't the health system keep up to date with these conditions to keep us not just healthy but enable us to feel as if we are contributing to the workforce! My rant is over, I hope I haven't offended anyone as I'm not that kind of person, my job was helping others and I really miss it and now I need help from those who are supposedly trained and are paid a lot of money, compared with others in the community, they don't seem capable of doing so!

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Agreed - it took me nine years to get proper treatment (I still don't have a diagnosis) but in the meantime every symptom was looked at individually and I was told there was nothing wrong with me. Rheumatologist said I was all right, neurologist said I was all right and so it goes on. I was shocked to find out on forums that in fact my signs and symptoms all fitted together and were classic for hypothyroidism. All that time lost!

I remember that feeling that every joint hurts - thankfully on a decent dose of thyroxine almost all my symptoms have disappeared, including hair loss.


It is a myth that is perpetrated by the guidelines laid down by the BTA and RCoP that levothyroxine alone is the medication to be prescribed and that the TSH is the only way to diagnose (if it's done at all).

Patients with thyroid gland problems appear to be in a group that is prescribed more non-thyroid medications to try and control continuing clinical symptoms, or new appearing symptoms, due to the fact that they are:-

1. Undermedicated.

2. Do not get relief on levothyroxine alone.

False statements made about T3 and NDT by the professionals.

We also have a high possibility of getting other more serious diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.


Is it possible to add chronic kidney disease to that list? I have it, stands at 54% at the moment but I've never had the answers to why I have it.


I don't know if this will be informative.


I don't have kidney stones my kidneys started to fail and no one has ever told me the reason why. I had stones in my gallbladder which was removed in August, which caused a host of problems of it's own! Just feeling so tired, what with one thing then another. 6 years ago I was happy and active individual who held a full time job. My whole world was turned upside down after I had pleurisy, I was tired all the time and I kept going back and I was told it would take months to get over so struggled and didn't go back. 18 months later I went back and I told them that I'd been waiting to feel better and I still felt the same. Blood tests were done over several weeks and I was told my kidneys were failing, my urine was showing 10x times the amount of lymphocites and I was put on antibiotics for over 5 weeks! The lymphocites went down after they found out I'd got a strep b infection. I have never felt right since. Joint pain, mind fog, dry mouth, dry skin, swollen fingers and ankles, hair falling out, I've could have forgotten something due to mind fog, oh yes chronic kidney disease which went from 60% to 54% when I had problems with my gallbladder removed!(damage to my common bile duct) I also suffer from depression! Some days are worse than others. When the pain is so bad and my husband is struggling I wonder if he would be better off without me.


Hypothyroidism and depression can go hand in hand. You have had a very rough time and I think it is probably due to being hypothyroid.We need to be on an optimum dose of meds. All of the symptoms you describe appear clinical symptoms of hypo, except of course your strep infection. Sometimes, too, antibiotics can affect levo.

Do you have or can you get a copy of your latest blood test results from your surgery, we are entitled to them, and post them on a new question for members to comment on them. Make sure they have the ranges beside the blood test results. Also ask GP to do B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if you haven't had them done.


I will post my test results on here after Christmas, the ones I have. Thank you for your support. Have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year x


It seems to me that kidney problems go hand in hand with hypo and that it is an unacknowledged connection. I recently found that my kidney function was below normal and had been for 6 years - the GP apparently couldn't be bothered to tell me. I suspect because he didn't know what to do about it.

I have been taking alpha lipoic acid and it has made a big difference to my kidney function.

Do you know percentage kidney function is worked out? I can't seem to find out how to work it out. My GFR was 52, but raised to 64 within six weeks of taking alpha lipoic acid - higher than it had been for over 6 years.


I know there is a formula to work it out but never understood it. I know I had high blood pressure which can damage kidneys but I was told it was my kidneys that was making it high so was told to change my life style to bring it down more along with meds it has done the trick and I'm no longer on medication. Although the recent operation made it worse!


..kidneys and thyroid on the same Meridian I believe in Chinese Medicine ..... :-)


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