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Question about vitamin d and other vitamins and minerals?

I am currently in progress of upping my levo after seeing Dr Skinner(rip)

My vitamin d level was 38nmol or 15ng/ml Dr skinner thought this was fine but after reading i can see its low.

Does any one have any recommendations on supplementing this and regards to the minerals and vitamins.

I take 1000mcg of b12 and 100 levo try to eat gluten free and also eat few brazil nuts every day.

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If you supplement it must be D3 and not D2. Others who have supplemented will probably comment.

Just to say that supplements should be taken 4 hours apart from levothyroxine, so that there is no interference in the uptake of levothyroxine.




My Vit D was 22 in May and I supplemented with a Vit D sublingual spray 6000iu daily and in August it rose to 97

although I did get a bit of sun during the hot summer we had. I got the spray from one of the online suppliers listed on the Thyroid U.K. wesite.

Best Wishes browny


2,000 iu a day gelcaps here to keep vitamin D at optimum levels.


I recommend anyone thinking about vitamin D should read this post and then download the linked "booklet".




Vitamin D of 38 nmol &/or 15 ng is not fine.

No lower than 40 - 60 ng &/or 100 - 150 nmol is recommended by the following (approx) 40 Vitamin D scientists/researchers.



Your ferritin level is also vital if your body is to utilise thyroxine

it needs to be 70 minimum

hypothyroid severely depletes vitamins and minerals so taking a good multivitamin is vital


Thanks, my ferritin was about 20. Neither the specialist, nor his senior registrar, expressed any concern.


Thats precisely the problem they neither know or care about the levels of iron or vitamins needed for the body to function and make use of thyroxine

they also fail to recognise thst aneamia, high cholesterol,low vitamins and minerals occur as a result of the hypothyroid along with symptoms long before ther stupid blood tests show it

my little coeliac grandaughter a whiz on a trampolining team was suddenly reduced to exhaustion etc and was found to be aneamic age 9 , she had thyroid antibodies and not the best TSh but they were only prepared to treat the aneamia

a year later hey presto her TSH was 5.2 so they prescibed thyroxine she bounced right back in days for the simple reason her ferritin was then over 90 so she could immediately utilise thyroxine

since she was not menstruating and always eats a perfect diet there was no other cause of her aneamia


I wonder if anyone can advise me on the following results where my doc has not referred me nor provided me with any guidance or advise:-

my blood test showed my vit d3 to be 7.6 nmol and d2 was less than 5nmol in august.

now my blood test ie dec blood test shows i am about 1.37 nmol

but doctor has said i am ok. (my right arm and wrist are in pain.i cant write much..is this carpel tunnel?)...yet doc says that i am ok..hows that lol when i am exhausted & sleep majority of the day.

when i am reading how some ladies have 38nmol or 20..and 90nmol i am wishing mine was that high.

can i just walk into any GP to be seen if i feel mine is not referring me to specialists; he likes to think he is font of all knowledge thus keeping patient to himself! so sad.

what should a female androsterone level be (mine is 7.6nmol)

my iron saturation is 13.8% what does this mean?

i weigh 6stone since i started suffering with fatigue & pains 3 years ago..gradually weaking each year.

my ldl cholesterol is 3.1 and serum cholestrol is 5.3mmol; doc said its high and that i should not eat red meat..i laughed and said Doc i dont even eat it (cant afford it either lol)..he then said i would say loose weight but?!! he then said my weight is low anyway to which i said thats why im here my weight and head hair is getting thinner by the day! he didnt reply! and that was it! no idea why my cholestrol is high or why im tired. he rushed me out so he could see his next patient. I had not been to a doctor in 2years due to this attitude i went this time as i thought to get blood test once and for all. he questioned me so much resorting me to near tears as to why i need a blood test.i said maybe it will explain my coronic fatigue which none of you are addressing. i have tests but still doctor inclined to give me anti depressants rather than help refer me.

my thyroid in august was2.9mu/L he said its functioning ok.

b12 1057ng/l (aparently its high...yet im exhausted)

total protein is74g

folate 7.37ug/L

serum calcium 2.29mmol

iron 8.2 umol/L

lymphocyte count 2.6

total white cell count 5.4

red blood cell count 4.61

platelet 163

neutrophil count 1.9

monocyte count 0.3

mean corpuscular volume 87.9fl

mean corpusc Hb conc 346g/l

mean corpus haemoglobin 30.4pg

haemoglobin estimation 140g/L

eosinophil count 0.5


sorry for long winded message. its as if i am alone in believing i am unwell...this site helps alot.


You may have better responses if you post as a separate question for members to see - thanks J :D

Also if you have lab results please include the ranges, as they do vary from lab to lab.


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