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I was prescribed Liothyronine by the late, great and very sadly missed Dr Skinner when I saw him in July. My GP refused to prescribe it so it was left to me to get it on a private basis. Due to the cost I was unable to afford it. I went to Skiathos on holiday in late September and managed to buy some in a pharmacy there OTC with no prescription and it only cost me 1 EURO for 28 tablets as opposed to £76 for 21 tablets in the UK. I took them for a month and immediately felt better and lost 1st 1lb in about 6 weeks and my tiredness lessened and energy improved. I now need a new supply and even though I have improved my GP continues to refuse to prescribe them. Does anybody have any suggestions where I can obtain further supplies before I return to Greece next year ?

PS I feel so rough now x

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