reaction to blood pressure tablets or combination of thyroxine tablets?

I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure about 3 months ago, after having a racing heartbeat. Was on 150mcg activas levothyroxine and very good tsh of 0.17. Saw Doctor and had to wear 24 hour blood pressure monitor, and average reading was 181. Was put on 5mg of Amlopodine for 2 months, and blood pressure was still 153, so it was upped to 10mcg. Doctor also reduced my thyroxine from 150mcg to 100 mcg a day. It was put back up to 12mcg after 6 weeks. I still wasn't happy with my TSH which was 2.8, so Doctor agreed for me to take 150mcg one day, and 125mcg the next. Being re tested in 6 weeks, and also for folate, as this has been picked up as being low. I have B12 injections every 3 months, and it is now 530. I am also on calcichew tablets. I am on activas levothyroxine, and wockhardt for the 25mcg. My question is that I have been having terrible pains around my elbow joints for the past month, which is getting worse. It started in my left one, and is now in my right one. I feel like my elbows are really stiff, and will not move properly, and also the muscles around the elbows as well. I know that being under medicated can do this, but can it be the 2 different brands of thyroxine. Or is it the Amlopodine. I have got an appointment for the Doctors next week, but can anyone help?

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Hi Rocky, could you ask for more B12 and see if this does the trick? I'm newly diagnosed with pernicious anaemia, and I read that someone's blood pressure improved on B12.

I do agree though that your TSH of 2.8 is high.

Hi there my Doctor's will not let me have any more than a 3 monthly injection. They also think it is fine to be at the lower end of the scale for B12. I will know more when I have my folate re tested. I know that you can have folate related pernicious anemia, and so does my Doctor. I also know that having anemia can cause high blood pressure.

This is a link. Maybe your GP would consider a change of thyroid gland medication on trial to see if it helps blood pressure.

Thank you for that info. I will also be asking my Doctor about that as well

Get your Vitamin D checked too, this can cause terribly stiff joints!

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