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hopefully consultation in jan with dr p what can i do to support my adrenals in meantime?

hi everyone iv spoken to mr p office and she is sending out forms so i can have a written/telephone consulation in new year as he is very busy man so least im on the right road and awaiting my adrenals test to come back, Again thanks everyone for your support its so difficult at the moment i seem to be going down hill again a lot back loin pain aching ribs backache and extreme tirdness, what can i do to try support my adrenals till i can get sorted is there anything thats made a diffrence for people i just need to keep going and dont ant to end up in bed ( especially for my baby boy and 4 year old girl for christmas thanks


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This is a link which may be helpful. Each time you look at a new topic you have to cursor down the page, before you can see it.

I have read somewhere else that their preference was for a low dose prednisilone (if needed) rather than HC.


Hi Usual we need to get the thyroid right first, have you had TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested? Are you on treatment. That is too long to wait, can you see someone else? You need all the other related tests too. Adrenals are usually treated when thyroid levels Ok and after a 24 hour urine test, with a cortisone tablet at midnight and a blood test at 9am. My Endo says that is the only reliable test.

Best wishes,



hi jackie it is to long to wait and i really do believe that im going down hill fast now im exhausted this morning i know its my adrenals im waiting for my 24 hour cortisol test to come back from genova which is reccomeded from mr p book along with dhea i think im going to have to go to my doctors asap iv had all the tests done thyroid antibodies thyroid scan and my frree t4 is low at 11.1 has risen from 8.5 4 months ago and free t3 slightly high 4.9 i found out the free t3 is adrenals working overtime i think the reason my free t4 is not rising is the adrenals have not been addressed and thats my my medcine is not working because of this it would make sense as im on 100mg of levothyroxine so its a good dose i think the only way im going to get sorted is cortisol with the doctors or nutri adrenal extra i jut not sure what to do?i cant see any other way iv been left for 9 months with everything struggling you think maybe after a baby you would test for thryoid or adrenals because its such a traumatic experience the care i have recieved has been really awful truly noone cares its extremely difficult trying to get sorted yourself i even had to diagnose myself with thyroid , i feel imgoing to end up in hospital if i leave things any longer just to add 4 week ago i was doing better manging to to do school run get to the shops and supermarket and light house work iv got half a brain read the books but the adrenals is a bit more harder for me to get my head around i just need these tests to get back pronto then i can get sorted.


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